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January 11, 1941 – December 6, 2019

With heavy hearts, we announce that Pat passed away on December 6th, 2019 at Health Sciences Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba at the age of 78 years.

She is survived by their husband of 61 years Garry; children Kimberly (Gary), Lori, Tanice (John), and Tammy (Steven); grandchildren James (Kristin), Cyndi, Trisha (Shawn), Derek (Rylee), Virgil (Leanne), Anna (Howard), Sam (Kayla) Bryan, Beth, and Nathan; greatgrandchildren Kayla, Ryan, Logan, Wyatt, Aiden, Cameron, Norah, Willow, and Bo.

Those last few weeks still do not seem real to me. I miss you so much.

You have overcome so many illnesses in your life so that the broken hip did not overly concern me.  I felt you would come out of it fine and be back home in no time.  Little did I know it was only the beginning of issues that would take you away.

A long time ago your doctor said to you that it would not be the cancer that you fought so hard and beat, it would be the diabetes. That, ultimately, was to become the case. You had a hard time understanding how to deal with it. We tried to help but it would just make you angry. 

I was the fortunate daughter to be able to spend your final 2 weeks with you.  Lori came when she could and Tanice took care of dad. We talked, brought you “skinny” flavored coffee as the hospital coffee was so bad, rubbed your poor dry feet, clipped your finger nails and just spent time together. It was the best time in a long time that we had even though you were going through so much pain and discomfort.  Little did we know the worst was yet to come.

You did the hip surgery with a few hiccups.  We thought the worst was over but unfortunately complications set in and after having an angioplasty your heart just could not handle it. I held your hand so tight.  I was so scared. I was not letting you go.  You woke up and looked at me and said something.  I do not know what it was. I wish I did.  When I asked you to repeat it you went into cardiac arrest and we lost you. 

The day before the angioplasty, just as I was leaving, you yelled out to me “I love you”. I stopped right there and was going to go back to you to give you a hug and tell you that I loved you too. We have never been an overly demonstrative family, and assumed you knew.  NEVER ASSUME!  I did not follow through and regret not doing so.  I refused to believe all would not go well and did not want you to feel that way too before going into the surgery.  I thought this was one more thing you would beat. It was not to be. Maybe you had a feeling the outcome would not be good. I was told you were a little anxious the night and morning before.  I never knew.

You had requests you made to me before the angioplasty. As the oldest daughter I tried to fulfill them to the best of my ability.  I hope you approved.

We will take care of dad for you until he can be with you.  Just leave him with us for a little while longer please. Dad will talk to you in his own way.  Just listen for him.

I have many memories growing up with you as my mom.  I will think of them often.  I know that finally you are out of the agonizing pain you were in.  I know you used the last of your energy to wake up and see us all with you one last time.  You tried to talk but with the tubes in your throat you were unable to.  You looked at every one of us and I believe you were trying to say” I Love you all, take care, and good bye”.

Mom, I love you and will not say Good Bye because I will see you in my dreams. I will see you in my memories.  I will feel you in my heart.

I love you mommy,



You never said that you were leaving,
Yet time came to say goodbye.
We always thought you’d be here,
To watch the hummingbirds fly.
I rarely said I love you,
You knew it in your mind.

I saved each and every email, to read over time.
With everything that happened, the days would slip on by.
I thought there’d be more emails, we had plenty of time.
You never said you were leaving, but I could read it in your eyes.

There may never be new emails,
Thought we had more time.
I saved each and every email,
To read from time to time.

My heart feels like it’s broken, with tears all the time.
I know there’s no more emails, so glad I saved all mine.
Just knowing I can read them, with you on my mind.
I wished I saved unopened emails, to read another time.
Mom, you never said you were leaving, but I could read it in your eyes.

I am sending this email to heaven,
Mom, Dad will be fine.
Hope there’s cabbage rolls in heaven, but they won’t be like mine.
Think of me with you up in heaven.
I will be fine.
Reading all my emails, with you on my mind.

Love Lori XOXOXOXOXOXO I will be fine.


I miss you more than words can say.
I wish you didn’t have to go away.
You gave us all you could and more.

We had some good times I’ll always treasure.
Our love for you was way beyond measure.

My heart aches every day for you,
And I know that you, feel it too.
There will never be a day that goes by,
that you will not be by my side.

We spent so much time together.
Gardens were our forever.

I’ll always cherish our time we spent.  
I’m so glad we were so close and lived together.
You will always be in my heart forever.

I love you mom.  My only wish,
is to tell you that many times more in person.

My mom and I had a special bond. We lived together, played together.  There were times we had our differences, but that never meant I loved her less.  We had so many happy times, shopping, gardening, just sitting on the back deck with her morning coffee and my morning tea. And let’s not forget her ROARING bonfires. Mom loved them.

Mom also loved her cross stitch and if she was not outside you could find her sitting in the kitchen stitching the time away. 

As she started to struggle to walk, she still tried to help in the gardens, most times just sitting on her butt weeding the never-ending weeds.  She would fall over otherwise and flatten the veggies. She loved it here and to be outside to enjoy her lovely home.

Dad was her life; he misses her so.  Mom did all she could to care for the both of them but we never really knew the extent of her troubles. She hid a lot of it and we assumed it was her Spinal Stenosis that was causing all of her issues.  She waited over a year to get that procedure done that never ended up happening in the end. 

My mom may not have been perfect, but to us, she was everything, good and bad.

No more pain mom.  Rest


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In Accordance with Patricia Bryan's wishes, cremation has taken place and no formal service will be held.

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