Our Winnipeg Cremation and Funeral Pricing - Quote Builder

Our quote builder is available here for the general public to make use of at any time. It allows the user to select cremation, funeral, memorial, and celebration of life options, in specific quantities, to be selected on an a-la-carte basis. Choose only the options of interest, nothing more.

We are always happy to quote pricing over the phone if you'd rather, but some folks want to get a sense of costs even before calling us. Selecting items will add them to a "cart". When finished, feel free to go through the checkout process and you'll receive an email with the details of your selections and totals with taxes.


We will never contact anyone who goes through the checkout process, so feel free to use imaginary names and addresses if you would rather.

This service is here for the convenience of the public and is intended to demonstrate the high level of transparency our firm offers.


Ethical Death Care (Death Care Services Inc.) is privately, independently, and locally owned. As a company, we are not associated with, nor do we wish to be confused with, any other Winnipeg based organizations or suppliers; regardless of perceived similarities in business model and/or name.