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Cam Caldwell

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January 26, 1955 - May 19, 2023

After a brave struggle with numerous medical issues, Cameron lost his fight in Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre at the age of 68.


Cam is survived by his daughter Chelsea, his sister Candice in Minneapolis, brother Bruce (Audrey) of Toronto and his nephews Stuart and Jorin of Toronto.


Cam was born in Winnipeg where he spent most of his life. However, he went through his grade school years/formative years in Emerson, Manitoba. Soon after his departure from school he worked and lived in Squamish, BC before returning to, and staying in, Winnipeg.


Many of his friends believed Cam to be a blue blood. He was. Not the royal type but his blood was Blue Bomber blue. Much of Cam's life was involved with sports. Playing hockey in high school and in Squamish. Softball everywhere. Football and hockey/hooky in high school. Golf everywhere. He even tried rugby in Alberta. As his athletic injuries took their toll, he turned to officiating hockey in Manitoba.


Ever a salesman, Cam talked his way into the position of bat boy for the Winnipeg Whips. The Whips were the AAA affiliate of the Montreal Expos in the early 1970's. He quite enjoyed the summer, even going on a road trip with the team which included a series at the Louisville (Kentucky) Colonels.


But active sports and officiating were not his only involvement in sports. 'Koobie' Caldwell was a fanatical fan of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (ask Bob Nicholson). And equally fanatical with the Winnipeg Jets. But Cam was a Canadian Football League fan in general- he attended 37 Grey Cup games.

Back to his active sports days. Carefree Cam had a relative disregard to potential harm to his person when participating in sporting activity. His favorite time in high school football was running back punts, where there is much more bashing than dashing. Reckless on the base paths as a ball player. One day (or night) in Squamish he decided it would be a good idea to drive the car he had borrowed from his brother around the base paths. Things happen and the hood of the car was destroyed! Even golf could prove dangerous to Cam. Golfing with brother Bruce in rural Manitoba, Cam was behind Bruce as Bruce was teeing off.  As usual, Cam was chattering to harass his poor-golfer brother at the tee. Bruce miss hit his tee shot, it slid off the end on the club, rebounded off a decorative rock beside him and nearly turned Cam into a soprano- guess there is such a thing as payback.


Cam had a memory like an elephant, even to his last days. Birthdays were never forgotten, anniversaries and other special occasions all had a place in Cam's head. It is a fact that elephants have the largest brain of all land mammals, thus their tremendous memories. Cam may have the brain of an elephant, but his heart was even bigger. He was ever thinking of others and shared everything he had, sometimes to his detriment.


As Cam got more ill over a number of years, he lost touch with many of his friends since as his immobility became more and more pronounced. Cam remembered his friends and spoke often of them with brother Bruce. Seems like Cam knew everyone in Winnipeg as well.


Cam- we will miss you and cannot forget you!


Cremation & Life Celebrations

530 St, Mary Avenue - Winnipeg

204-421-5501 -

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