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Adam Cattani

CATTANI, Adam - Obit Photo.jpg


November 13, 1982 - December 18, 2022

With broken hearts, we announce that Adam passed away on December 18th at his favorite place at the age of 40 years.

He is survived by (Alyssa) Sophie and Olivia; his brother Garrett; and his parents Maria and Gerald.

Adam lived the Field to table philosophy, he loved to hunt for his food, he thought of the forest as his supermarket always having a collection of natural teas, wild mushrooms and a variety of wild salads. He was an avid hunter, a fisherman, an excellent cook, a naturalist, a passionate gardener, and his expertise and teachings will be missed by so many including all who followed him on the internet.

 Adam from the very beginning did things his way, as a baby he started walking around furniture at 5 months of age to the shear horror of his Baba. She would panic and try and sit him down and he would just smile and stand up.

As a young boy Adam was involved in all sports, Hockey, baseball, soccer, karate. To say he was competitive would be a grave understatement. He competed at everything with an intensity level off the charts. Perhaps this had something to do with the fact he was a November baby and was generally playing sports with kids that were older than him. Adam loved hockey, I remember so many cold nights where he wanted to go to the outdoor rink to practise with the older kids so he could get better. His favorite hockey player was Theron Fleury and his entire youth hockey career was modeled after his style of play, in other words he was a shit disturber not afraid of any one.

Adams love of the outdoors started early in life, he accompanied his dad hunting and fishing from when he was about three years old and was always his dads companion right up to their last deer hunting trip last month. Adam grew up in lake country spending almost every weekend either at Bird Lake or The Big Whitshell Lake. He loved exploring in the forest, building forts, climbing the highest trees, cliff diving, swimming, fishing, water and cross country skiing, he embraced it all and was never in the cottage with the exception of bed time. His love of gathering began early in life this was a skill he learned from accompanying his mom, Baba and Gigi mushroom picking. This would be a skill he would go on to perfect. Adam was a member and regular contributor to the Manitoba Mycological Society he had many followers and was always being asked to identify wild mushroom species and determine their edibility.

Adams love of the outdoors and sense of adventure never ended when we left the lake, it continued at home. He grew up in East St Paul and as we had no neighbors behind our street, he had miles of land to explore. Adam his brother Garrett and their friends had a fort way back in the bush that was their base camp. One day I decided to visit the boys and see where they hung out it was a decent fort complete with a half a garbage can for camp fires the interior was decorated in early 1970s style playboy centerfolds that the boys confessed they had gathered at an abandoned farm house nearby. He always loved all wildlife, one day Maria said that she noticed that we were missing a lot of chicken packages from the freezer. I questioned the boys and Adam confessed he had found a coyote that was very sick and him and Garrett dragged the coyote into an abandoned barn and made a bed for it and began feeding it a steady diet of chicken legs. They had been doing this for over a week, the coyote died but his last days on earth were probably his most comfortable.

Adam did have another not so macho side. As a young boy he loved to sing and he had a beautiful voice. In his elementary years Adam was always asked to do a solo at the school Christmas concerts. We were always pressured by the school staff to have him signed up with a singing coach as he had such a special talent. He never lost his love for singing and was the highlight singer every St Patricks’ day at the Kings Head pub. His favorite gig was after some members of The Drop Kick Murphy’s heard him sing they invited him up for a set after which he partied at their hotel until the wee hours. He loved to tell that story as they were always one of his favorite bands.

Adam also loved acting and took drama throughout high school. His drama teacher thought of him as exceptionally talented and convinced us to have a professional portfolio put together for him. Adam was lucky enough to perform in three productions at the Prairie Theater Exchange.

When Adam was 14 the family purchased a cottage At Lake of the Woods. Most of the neighbors knew Adam and his dog Drake before they knew us as he was always exploring the forest. Having a cottage was only a starting point for him as usually the first day out he would pack his tent, fishing rod and his dog Drake into his canoe and head out camping on an island or portaging into another lake. The winter season was no different to him, he would convince a couple of friends to go winter camping every Christmas break no matter what the weather was, some years when he was out it was minus thirty.

Adam was a Red Seal Carpenter and he loved his profession. He was a true journeyman as he traveled throughout Canada for his work. I think he loved the fact most jobs had that element of danger. He would sent us pictures standing on the edge of a Potash mine structure he was building 350 feet in the air or hanging hundreds of feet above a dam he was working on up north. Most recently his ventures took him a thousand feet below the surface working at one of the mines in Snow Lake.

Adam was so proud of his family and together with Alyssa they were raising Sophie and Olivia albeit from different perspectives with Adam focusing on his adventurous, active lifestyle and Alyssa focusing on academics. Both of the girls owned quads went hunting and fishing with Adam and spent countless hours exploring the great outdoors and learning his way of life all this while excelling academically in school.

From an early age Adam was financially astute. He always saved his money whether it was for his six month trip to Australia when he graduated grade 12 to buying his first house at 21. He was a great provider for his family earning a substantial income by traveling throughout Canada for his profession. Even with his passing Adam had a plan that if something happened to him his family would never have to face any financial pressures in the future.

Adam spent his last weekend at his forest property with his side kick Olivia snowshoeing cutting trails and exploring. We did facetime them Saturday night and they were so happy about the day they spent together. Adams last moments alive were spent saving his daughter Olivia’s life from a tragic fire.

We are all a little richer for knowing Adam and maybe a little envious of not being able to keep up with him on his adventurous lifestyle. I do know for most of us who followed his adventures on social media we will find Facebook a little less interesting.

For those who wish, a donation can be made to the Manitoba Wildlife Federation in honour of Adam.

A service and celebration of Adam’s life will be held 1:00 pm, Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 5819 Henderson Hwy, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Adam's family kindly requests that all of his friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour his memory by watching the photo-biography above. Please, also consider sharing your own photos, memories, and stories by making use of the comment section on this page.


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