Celebrate the Life

Celebration of Life - including our Simple Cremation Services and Wellington Crescent Facilities - $2,995

  • You will work with an accredited and Province of Manitoba licensed professional Funeral Director and will never encounter any sales people.

  • Transportation of the deceased from any Winnipeg hospital is included.

    • When we are asked to transport from facilities without temperature controlled holding areas we use Winnipeg Funeral Transfer Services to handle the transfer into our care. We pay $125 for this service so that we do not keep our staff and vehicle on call 24 hours/day. This reduces overall cost and overhead which keeps our prices lower. When asked to provide transportation from a nursing home or for deaths at home we pass the $125 additional cost on to our clients.

  • Legal Registration of the Death with the Province of Manitoba INCLUDED IN OUR PRICE

  • We complete the CPP Death and/or Survivors Benefit Application Forms on your behalf. Included in our Price

  • Simple Cremation Tray (plywood construction) Included in our Price

  • Crematory Fee (cremation process itself) Included in our Price

  • Planning Services provided by a Province of Manitoba Licensed Processional Funeral Director is Included in our Price

  • Celebration of Life Reception Facility - 603 Wellington Crescent at Academy. Included in our Price

  • Obituary of any length along with a custom, photo-tribute (up to 30 photos) provided at no charge. See a sample by Clicking HERE.

All of the above services and products are included in the package price for a total of $2,995 plus GST. 

IMPORTANT - An administration fee of 3% of invoice total is added to all accounts. This fee is waived when payment via cheque or cash is made within seven days of invoice date.


The fee remains effective for all credit card payments. Invoices are issued on the date death certificates are issued to the family, usually during the consultation appointment. We do not require payment prior to providing our services but appreciate prompt payment once services are fully rendered.

  • Add $125 if the death occurs in a nursing home or home residence (see above).

  • A scheduled cremation witnessing or a family presence at the crematory adds $395 plus GST to this package.

  • A scheduled, private identification viewing at our premises adds $495 to the total cost.

Additional Options

Some families choose to purchase some of the following optional products and services provided on a non-profit basis.

  • Cremation urn: $80 - $300. Urns are sold (optionally) on a non-profit basis. 

  • Social style lunch -high quality cold cuts, rye bread, pickles, cheese, chips including Costco dainties @  $6.00/person or $300 for 50 people. (Families are free to choose any caterer or provide their own food)

  • Premium Catering for 50 @ $9.95/person - $497.50 includes: fancy sandwiches, deli sandwiches, dainties, gourmet cheese and cracker trays, fruit platters & vegetable platters with gourmet dip. (Families are free to choose any caterer)

  • Hostess for reception - $175 each. 2 required for most services, each hostess spends approximately 5 hours at the event, start to finish. They setup, serve, clear tables and then clean the facility after the event.

  • Beverages - Coffee, tea & large assortment of cold beverages - $1.00/person - includes ice, cream & sugar etc.

  • Celebration of Life Package - Audio Visual Equipment for photo-tributes, linens for tables, tall (standing style) tables adds $350. 

  • Memorial register (guestbook) $30 (optional)

Typical Celebration of Life Configuration - See Photos of catering, facility etc.


Ethical Death Care (Death Care Services Inc.) is privately, independently, and locally owned. As a company, we are not associated with, nor do we wish to be confused with, any other Winnipeg based organizations or suppliers; regardless of perceived similarities in business model and/or name.