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September 19, 1938 - December 17, 2019

In the early evening hours at 6:28pm of Tuesday, December 17, 2019, peacefully and with her family by her side, Marlene Joan Delatinsky passed away at Vista Park Lodge at the age of 81.
Marlene is survived by her husband, Walter of 54 years of marriage, her sons Mark, daughter in law Tammy, Scott and her only grandchild Nicole which was the apple of her eye.
She was predeceased by her parents, Fred and Bernice Davis and her only sibling Ken.
Marlene was born on September 19, 1938 in Winnipeg, where she lived all her life.  She worked at RBC on Oakenwald where she eventually was introduced to the love of her life.... Walter.
Quickly rising up the bank chain, from filing personel, then to front and head teller, and eventually to savings manager, before retiring to start her family. 

Through the years, she had developed a love for curling and bowling.  Going on to win numerous tournaments and trophies.  Sometimes even having the opportunity to play doubles with both her sons.
She always put her all in everything she did.
Being a homemaker was her most important and favourite job.  This was her passion.  Always looking after the 3 males in her life.... Walter, Mark and Scott.
Later in life, she loved going to the Fort Garry Legion to play bingo every Friday night and Saturday afternoon with her parents and Walter.  


After her parents passed away, it wasn’t the same anymore. She then started going to Canad Inns Fort Garry to play the VLT’s with Walter. She loved going out for the afternoon as an outing.  Win or lose.... mostly winning though, as she was very lucky playing Larry Lobster.  But that wasn’t the only reason she ventured out, she loved meeting new people who later she looked forward to seeing every time they went. 
Cremation has taken place already and no funeral is planned. The family wish to keep this time private.
Mark, Scott and Tammy wish to share some of their own words:
Firstly Mark,
My mom always knew how to make the most of what we had.   LOL She would make “small steak” which was actually pork chops.  Ha Ha

She would also make sure we were always safe. When it was dusk, she would always holler both our names down the front street of our house.... Maaaaaaaaark, Scccccccccccott to come in for the night.  This became her trademark.  We knew not to keep her waiting as she was the one disciplining us.

I can remember she loved dancing with Dad.  Didn’t matter what genre it was, Polka’s, fast dancing, or disco.  She always tried to keep up with him.

She always had a soft heart when it came to us boys.  When we were sick or got injured, she had a gift that would make us feel better instantly.

Mom will always be remembered as being very pleasant and kind to everyone she knew.  Her family and friends were gold in her heart.

R.I.P. Mom!  We love you very much
I will always remember that Mom was never too busy to come watch all the activities I was involved in..... soccer, football, school plays and band concerts where I played trumpet.  She was very quick to make sure I had all the necessary equipment and registration needed for each endeavor.  Even when things were tough, she made it work so I didn’t have to miss out on participating.

In my eyes, she was the best Mom ever, even when she was disciplining us.

She will be loved and sadly missed forever.
Welllll, it’s been 30 years since I joined the Delatinsky family.  And ”Gramma” as I fondly called her, has treated me like the daughter she never had.  I often remember all our talks about family, friends and what was going on in our lives at the time.

I remember sitting her and Grampa down to tell them that Mark and I just got engaged.  Wellll, I couldn’t imagine them being more excited with the news.  But then 4 years later, we told them they were going to be grandparents. This was THE MOST excited EVER that they could be.

We then had Nicole.  They were such a huge part in her life, as you can imagine, with being the only grandchild.  Often Gramma would take Nicole for a walk in her wagon off to the park.  There was what they referred to as the yellow park, the green park, or the red park.  Or even just the park that was on Parker Ave.

She loved reading to Nicole and later playing cards. Either crazy 8’s, go fish or laughing their heads off playing Kings Corner.  Drawing, colouring and painting where other things they liked to pass the time doing.  Then in Nicole’s elementary school years, they were at every concert, play or assembly which Nicole was honored at or participated in.
She was all about her family.... ALWAYS!!
We often enjoyed getting together to play cards or Ramolli or just to talk. 

Though the years, and many experiments later, we exchanged recipes of which, I will always keep.
Some say I even developed her voice in a lot of ways.  I laugh because it seems I’m the one hollering at Maaaaaaark and Sccccccccccott now. Lol hahaha

I very much miss having all the family dinners at our house.  It just isn’t the same anymore.  This Christmas and last Christmas are going to be and have been very emotional and tough as I lost my Mom last year as well.  If only we could turn back time and press pause.

Gramma......we love you and you’ll always be missed and remembered.

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