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Phillip Dingman

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August 27,1941 – April 18, 2023

It is with great sadness that the family announces the passing of out beloved Phillip C.F. Dingman in the St Boniface Hospital on April 18, 2023 at the age of 81.


Phillip is survived by his 4 children, son Brian, daughters Tammy, Tara and Natale, grandchildren, Nicolas, Michaela, Aiko and Gwen, brothers William, Doug, sisters Sharon, Rose, Elizabeth, jean, and Patricia. Phillip was predeceased by his parents Clarence and Phoebe Dingman, sisters Connie, Alice, and Marilyn, brothers Robert, and David.


Phillip was born and raised in Newbury Ontario. He was the second eldest of 13 children. After his father passed in 1958 when he was only 16, he left Newbury to live his own life. In the early 1960’s Phillip moved to Winnipeg MB. He was a welder by trade and worked for a company called Abesco. He would work up north and then come back to Wpg. on the weekends. Right across the street from his apartment there was a restaurant on the corner of Smith St. and St. Mary’s. It was owned by Fred Osato, and was called Fred’s Inn. Phillip not only loved the food at this restaurant but also fell in love with the owner’s daughter Patricia Osato. They eloped to Dryden Ontario, where they would have their first-born son. They moved back to Winnipeg in 1966 had their second baby and lived in an apartment on Holme St. He would then move his family into a brand-new home in Transcona and have to more children. While living on Home St. Phillip became good friends with Patricia’s brother Eddie, who introduced him to Karate.


This was the start of Sensei Dingmans Karate legacy.

Dingman Sensei is one of the Founding Fathers of Karate in Manitoba. He started training in Karate in 1966 with the Midwest Karate Club. At a purple belt level, he began teaching Karate in the basement of his home in Transcona. He attained his black belt in November 28th 1969 under Master Miyata 8th Dan, who was one of the most senior instructors for the Japan Karate Assoc. at the time. February 1, 1971 Phillip opened his first Dojo in Transcona. 


It was the first standalone club in Winnipeg. In 1977 The JKA of Manitoba was founded by Phillip and another senior instructor. In 1979 he moved his club to 52 Albert St. and joined the ISKF June 17, 1979. Phillip’s dedication, passion, spirit, and fierce force of nature, allowed him to succeeded in impacting so many peoples live helping them grow and making them better people so they could reach their highest levels inside and outside the Dojo. No one has ever achieved growing karate in Manitoba as he did.


He helped spread JKA Karate across Canada through teaching seminars, bringing in high-ranking Japanese instructors to teach seminars.  To name a few there was Nakayama Sensei, Tanaka Sensei, Osaka Sensei, Okazaki Sensei and Koyama Sensei. He gave his students the advantage of having Yutaka Yaguchi Sensei come to the JKA of Manitoba headquarters dojo every 3 months to do seminars and testing. He also had the honor of touring with the World Chief instructor Nakayama Sensei across Canada. There were many people who helped Phillip achieve his dreams, he was always grateful for them but it should be mentioned the one person that supported him the most was his wife Pat who sacrificed and dedicated all her time and energy in his pursuit along with his two eldest children, who also concentrated the majority of there lives to helping him build the organization to its highest level.


In the 70’s Phillip participated in many tournaments and was on the Provincial team numerous times. He competed in 3 Pan American Tournaments and three world tournaments, the last one being in 1985 at the age of 44. In 1983 Phillip attained his 6th degree black belt JKA/ISKF making him at that time, only 1 of two individuals to have reached that level in Canada. As a coach he succeeded in producing the most successful team ever to compete at the Canadian National tournament. The team won Women’s Individual Kata, Men’s individual Kata and Kumite, Men’s Team Kumite and placed in Team Kata. Raising the bar for all of Canada to train harder and to become better Karate Ka’s. Other coaching successes was developing the youngest black belt in Canada, a 6-time National Women’s Champion in Kata who also placed 2nd in the Pan American Championships and ranked in the top 10 in the worlds for Kata, developed the only person to win both men’s Kata and Kumite in a Canadian National championship, a Junior World Kata Champion and a had a student graduate from the JKA training program at the JKA headquarters dojo in Japan.


Sensei had an expansive Karate family in Manitoba as well as having been tasked to help mentor Karate across the prairies. Despite all his acclaim and the accolades, he received by other seniors in Karate, Sensei took most pride in the relationships he fostered with his students and the many people he came into contact with throughout his long Karate career.


One person that influenced Phillip more than any other person was his friend and instructor Yutaka Yaguchi. Even with Phillips split with ISKF he never lost respect or stopped being inspired by Sensei Yaguchi. Sensei Yaguchi relayed this message on hearing of Phillips passing. He has been a good friend for nearly 50 years and will continue to be so even though he is not physically here any longer. I am with you all, his children in missing him and thinking of him. Phillip Dingman’s legacy will live on in part due to his long-time dedicated student James who will hold the Dingman Cup tournament as a memorial to celebrate him yearly and in the memories of him that will be continued to be told.

I would like to thank the Hombu Dojo in Japan for remembering my father by having a moment of silence in his honor.



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