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With heavy hearts, we announce the sudden passing of Thomas Walter Emslie, at the young age of 26.


Thomas is predeceased by his beloved grandmother, Helen Dzioba. Left to cherish his memory are parents, Kelly Emslie (Joe) and Michael Dzioba (Kristy); grandfather, Walter Dzioba; siblings, Craig, Tye, Mikey, Kaylee, and Jennie; uncles, Mark Dzioba, Mark MacLean (Debbie), Aunts Darlene McChesney (Marcel), Kimberley Fleeson, Lesley MacLean, Susan Wectawski (Chris) and cousins, Michael, Jason, Shaun, Maegan, Grant, Amy, Tara, Ryan, Scott, Tyler and Ashley. Thank you on Thomas's behalf go to Mark and Mandy Bergen for the many instances of guidance given to Thomas, who we considered to be his 'auxiliary parents'.


Thomas grew up in Winnipeg surrounded by his siblings, with whom he spent many hours playing outside as a small boy. He loved to swim and kayak, and enjoyed going out to the movies with his family. He attended Elmwood High School where he participated in football and excelled at wrestling. After high school he continued to participate in athletic events, including many marathons and triathlons, often without officially registering and running alongside all the other participants just for the fun of it. He placed within the elite several times in the annual Mountain Man marathon while in the military, where he served eight years with the PPCLI. He will be greatly missed by his brothers in arms, so many of them had warm stories to share with us after his passing.


An avid fan of live outdoor music festivals, Thomas enjoyed attending dressed up, and was well known in the EDM community for his epic dance moves and for his colorful character onesies, of which he had an entire closet packed full, always ready to lend any or all to those that might attend with him. Knowing how much he was thrilled by the music, lights and social interaction gives us much comfort as a family, as Thomas's journey through life was often not an easy one. Special thanks owed to those that helped him along the way belong to Marymound School, Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Center, and Edgewood Treatment Center all of who's counselors and teachers were always ready with support and direction when he needed it most.


He had such a unique sense of humor and outlook, his ability to irritate and amuse someone at the same time was a skill unmatched, as well as his ability to clear out the fridge. His grandmother could often be heard saying 'he's such a good eater'. He had a special fondness for the furry four-legged family members, the dogs in particular returned that fondness, the cats not so much as he often made a game out of chasing them for his amusement. The cats liked him better when he was sleeping.


Thomas's ability to light up a room and his beautiful bright smile will be sorely missed. He left us far too soon.

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In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Canadian Mental Health Association.


August 16, 1993 – April 12, 2020

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