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Image by Annie Spratt

Allyson Lamont-Adam

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May 12 1962 - November 14 2023

Our special mother, Allyson Dawn Lamont-Adam, took her final breaths on the evening of November 14, at the age of 61. After a tough year of battling Multiple Myeloma, she has finished her struggle and moved on to a better place. She was a lover of life and an unrelenting fighter until the end.


The thought of losing time spent with her children was more painful than what was in front of her.


Through Allyson flowed a stream of contagious smiles and thank yous to any and everyone who crossed her path. Ask anyone and they would describe her as an innately polite and kind soul who openly expressed her emotions. To her, the world was a gallery of beautiful faces she had met before or would soon meet.


Everyday for Allyson was more interesting than what most would imagine. Escapades full of adventure that words would fail to describe. For much of her life, a plate full of kids and work and errands, only capable through her prowess.


Trips to visit her mom, Trudi, across the ocean in London with her daughters and sister. Meeting a long lost sibling. A baptism on the Jordan River. Canoe trips to magical islands in the Canadian backcountry, grand beaches after grand beaches. Discrete clicks of the camera—Mom, why are you taking a picture?—capturing even the mundane moments of life that to her were life’s gift. Winning big at Yahtzee, sketching on the Red River. Travelling the world through the diverse people of Winnipeg, their origins, stories, and food. Weaving a marathon of crocheted presents just in time for Christmas. Thoughtful gifts and heartfelt cards for every special occasion. These are the things we remember when we remember that her complex life was about enjoying the simple life.


She leaves behind four children she cherished, Nicole, Mark, Michael, and Kerrigan. She will be dearly missed and never forgotten. We love you very much Mom and look forward to seeing you again!

Thank you for being our Mom!


Cremation & Life Celebrations

530 St. Mary Avenue - Winnipeg

204-421-5501 -

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