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Katie Loney

LONEY, Katie - OBIT PHOTO_edited.jpg


March 12, 1981 - May 7, 2022

Mother to Carson. Daughter to Jim and Donna. Sister to Jimmy (Kaitlyn) and Jenny. Partner to Randy.


Our Katie lived her life in a pink flurry of activity. She would often breeze in and breeze out, leaving a trail of smiles and laughter wherever she went. Caring and compassionate, she had a real soft spot for animals and over the years rescued and cared for many, including mice (some that escaped), rabbits, injured birds, a lone chicken once, and of course cats. Her kind-hearted nature led her to working with children and youth even from a young age. Kids absolutely flocked to Katie. Her stint as a school crossing guard in elementary school was brief however as time management was not her strong suit. She would go on to undertake work in support of youth and vulnerable people, providing kindness and understanding to those who needed it most. She would offer a supportive ear to anyone, be they a long-time friend or a stranger at a bus stop. Katie made people feel welcomed and seen and she was not one to judge others. We as a family greatly admired her desire and willingness to help others, even when she was struggling herself.

Growing up Katie excelled at sports including basketball, volleyball, baseball and bowling, once scoring a 299 game at the lanes. Being a tricky lefty must have had something to do with it. Camping with the family was also a favorite until she got a bit older. One year after much protest, Katie being sixteen at the time, Mom told her she was either getting a job or coming camping with the family. Thinking that surely Katie would rather go camping than work, Mom figured the issue was settled. Katie promptly got a job. Your move Mom. When she set her mind to something, Katie would find a way to achieve it.


Katie was an avid garage saler and bargain connoisseur. She loved the thrill of hunting for deals and as soon as the yard sale signs started going up she’d be on the prowl. Simply put, Katie saw treasure everywhere. Yes, she could see that the fairy garden statue was in five pieces but that’s what glue and spray paint were for. You just had to see the potential. She had an artistic mind and an eye for beauty in everyday things. Butterflies were one of her favorites.


The coming of Carson turned Katie into Mama Bear supreme, and we all know, you don’t poke that bear. This must have been apparent to others as the story goes that when she took Carson to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog suggested Katie could have doubled as Beth. Tough as nails and determined, one year she and Randy decided to take Carson and a group of about six of his friends camping. If you know a Loney, you know camping involves precipitation. So, despite torrential rains, howling winds and one tent collapse, Katie and Randy managed to pull everyone through.


To Katie, Carson was priority number one. She was a devoted number one fan cheering Carson on at soccer, football, basketball or school concerts.


Katie and Carson went on many adventures together whether they be real or imaginary.  Some of these included Spiderman escapades, dressing up as Doc Oc, swimming, tobogganing or trampoline workouts.  Birthdays were celebrated with great forethought, gusto, games and friends.  Being a child at heart Katie got great joy out of planning a party.


In winter Katie would take Carson to Superstore on snow clearing days just to sit in the car and watch the big machines that Carson was so fascinated with.  She loved to see the joy on her son’s face.


Mother and Son had a unique bond.  They were very close and could discuss anything no matter the topic.  Not always were there answers but Katie listened with an ear that understood.  She wanted good things for Carson.  She was a good Mom.  She did her very best.


Please join us as we wear pink, and gather to celebrate her life, at 2:00 PM, Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 603 Wellington Crescent at Academy Road (Unitarian facility). In the meantime, Katie’s family kindly requests that her friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour her memory by watching the photo-biography above. Please, also consider sharing your own photos and/or sharing your own memories and stories using the comment section on this page.


Cremation & Life Celebrations

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