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Thomas Morgan



November 06, 1932 - December 26, 2019

With heavy hearts, we announce that Tom passed away on December 26, 2019 in the Grace Hospital at the age of 87 years.


Tom was predeceased by his wife, Irene. He is survived by his children Linda (Guy) Sandra, Gladys, Warren (Shelley); grandchildren Brandon, Devon, Travis; siblings Idris, Corrine (Jim), and Bill.


Most of Tom's working career was with Bristol Aerospace. He shared many stories about his business trips to Brazil, New Mexico and Churchill. Each trip was an adventure and he told his family and friends so many details that it felt like we were there with him. He worked alongside of NASA to test the capabilities of the Black Brant Rocket. Some flights did not always go according to plan, which made his stories all the more interesting. He would always bring home some gift or souvenirs from his trips but the best thing of all was the Arctic Char fish that he brought back home from Churchill for us to feast on.


Tom was involved with the Wolf Cubs as a leader for many years while his son attended as a cub. Over the years he would reminisce about the cub camping trip where he covertly played a recording of a wolf-howl using loudspeakers placed in the woods near to the tents. It must have been really good because he only mentioned it about a hundred times. Tom was always doing the extra things to make the events interesting and memorable.


He was a member of the Khartum Shriners from the early 1970's right up to the end. He was very involved in this great non-profit organization and felt very proud of the charitable events that they held. There were a number of different sections within the association to select from. Tom chose the Winnipeg Motor Patrol. They rode a 1200cc Harley Davidson all decked out to be the show peace of any parade. Tom and Irene really enjoyed all the events over many years in different parts of Manitoba and on occasion in the USA. But most of all they made many great friends with the Shriners and their spouses. Tom would share his stories with us and involved the family to join in whenever possible.


Tom was a talented person and because of his farm life he had learned to do many different things like most farmers did to survive. He was a perfectionist and a hard-working person. Tom was always busy with something new to work on or making changes to make it better. Somehow, he also found time to help so many people. While helping he also took the time to teach us to do the work and our skills grew over the years as well. Not all lessons were easy to master and sometimes Tom pushed a little too hard however looking back on those times we know that he just wanted the best for us.


His first major project was a complete rebuild of the family home on Parkdale Street. Tom, Irene and the four children grew up in this home. And after all the children had grown up and moved out Tom and Irene purchased another project home in St. Francois Xavier MB. This fourteen-acre property was located on the river and due to a house fire sat vacant for many years just waiting for the right guy to come along and fix it up. Tom fell in love with this place the first time he saw it then dragged us to see it. The only thing that we saw was a burnt down building with weeds taller than the trees with a pool full of dead things that smelt like a swamp. Guess whom Dad asked to slide in the pool to get the last bit of gross sludge out, yes, his family. Dad was very thoughtful; it was an extremely hot summer when we started to renovate; so, he got the pool going right away for us to take dips in to cool down. The idea of getting away from the city to a rural home like he grew up on as child drove him to make this homestead better than it ever was. Irene and Tom made friends with their new neighbours as they were both very social people. They had many functions in their new home, had many Shriners over, old friends, new friends and family reunions. The reunion parties were over the top and were very memorable for the whole family.


In 2006 Tom and Irene moved back to Winnipeg to a house on Country Club Boulevard. Tom was very unhappy to leave his country home and always talked about it for the balance of his life. Tom once again made some renovations to bring his new home up to his standards. Irene and Tom soon met their new neighbours and they became like family. These relationships enriched their lives to make his final years very memorable.


There is just one more thing that we must mention because it was so important to Dad.


It was his love of his dog Jigs. Jigs was his best friend and stuck to him like glue. They spent a lot of time together, so they knew each other very well. Jigs passed away a few years ago and it impacted him a great deal. So much so that Tom had Jigs ashes placed in the plot where his own ashes will soon be. Tom also had Jigs picture etched into the plot headstone.


Now Tom, Irene and Jigs will be together to take many more walks.


In Accordance with his wishes, cremation has taken place and no formal service will be held.


Cremation & Life Celebrations

530 St, Mary Avenue - Winnipeg

204-421-5501 -

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