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Shane Pruden

Image by Nick Andréka


October 15, 1971 – February 2, 2024

Shane left us at the age of 52. The autopsy results are not yet available, but it is believed that he tragically died an accidental death in the home that he shared with his daughter, Patria.

Shane is survived by his partner Vickie; Son Gage; Daughters Patria, Darian & Mariah; Daughter Patrisha; Sisters Marla & Amanda, Brother Ryan; Brother-in-Law Jason; Grandmother Victoria; Uncles; Aunts; Cousins; nieces; nephews; friends; Father-in-Law Larry; and Grandchildren, Roman, Rylie, Leon, Ari, Catalaya & Milo.

Shane had sadness from the losses of many friends & family members, namely, his; Birth Mother Patricia; Father Craig; his Nana Audrey; his Popa Ken; his Grandfather John; uncles Barry, Gerald & Donnie; Aunt Shonnie; Nephew Seven; Sister-in-Law Lisa; and close friends Shane, Phil & especially Clint.

Shane loved his family, often showing concern for their safety, their health & their happiness. He had compassion, as he suffered together with others, he was motivated to relieve their suffering with actions that went beyond words of sympathy & empathy; though he could & DID talk and talk and talk and…

Shane sought out exploits and adventure. He was a vigilante, a hiker, an explorer, a swimmer, an angler, a collector, an artist, a gardener, a pet-lover, a handy-man, a volunteer labourer, a sharer, a carer & a survivor for the life he had control of & that he did not.

For countless reasons, including altruism, Shane was loved. By family & friends he will be missed. To the world, they have lost a hero.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4


Cremation & Life Celebrations

530 St. Mary Avenue - Winnipeg

204-421-5501 -

Memories, Stories and Condolences


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Comments (7)
Mar 03

I know this is a bit long for this little comment box so I apologize now if it is considered distasteful for me to post. but I have to say these words here as I regretfully. missed the service .so thank you for reading …

I was Clint’s girlfriend. I heard so much about Shane from Vickie and Clint and by the time we met i was super nervous!!!!

But let me tell you  it wasnt long before  we were friends and soon after -roommates lol and as they were Clint’s family - I was accepted into theirs just the same

Being Clint’s closest friends , Vickie and Shane were a big part of our lives and we had some times good and bad. It’s difficult for some to understand peoples choices or lifestyles when it is in your perspective and experience; different than your own right. So we were sort of in trouble at times & we didn’t always make the smartest choices - but we did what we knew and we had each other through it. So if that’s terrible, so be it . Shane taught me the value of family thru his own sorrow , experiences and wisdom.from the same. He spoke from his heart and was sincere when doing so and I believe that 100%. !!! We lived with Shane for years and then when we moved, it was only to the house next door lol ! Clint couldn’t be without his bro .

Shane made sure I was okay no matter what was going on … when everyone else had lost their patience with me lol Shane always stayed beside me until it was resolved somehow …and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that and will forever

During hard times he always tried to make me laugh by being silly or purposely finding some token or treasure to give me to cheer me up. During my pregnancy he was the one who did the slurpee runs or kept pillows under my swelling legs etc . If you knew Shane, you know what I’m saying !! I think one of Shane’s love languages could very well of been acts of service and giving gifts. He just took pride in being There and helping in any way he could. And at times I’d shoo him away and be less than grateful and he never complained

Not once did he ever complain.

(and it’s no secret I wasn’t easy to live with either lol ) lol .

My heart aches deeply for all Shane’s loved ones. I haven’t accepted it and I just want his family to know how deeply sorry I am in this time.

I have remorse for isolating and thus not having the information in time to attend the service, and support his family, to be there with Vickie and I’m sorry 😞that I wasn’t

SHANE-O!!!- my friend!  ❤️

I will never ever forget you. I hope you are with others who have left us too soon. I choose to believe you are.

Thank you for being a friend to me Shane! Especially the times I needed one so badly and didn’t know it .I will love you forever!

.i believe you will be there watching everyone you cared so much for- both you and Clint.

- you always shared with me how much you loved your family! you expressed it openly and often as most know Shane was very expressive in writing or wood work or drawing … he was always filing away at something or carving a piece of wood etc .he would explain all the amazing things about each of his loved ones . Always seeing the positive side, reminding me constantly to stop being so negative lol !

I wish you hadn’t been so hard on yourself ! I will miss you as I have already been missing you :( but now it’s too late and I’m sorry for that !  It breaks my heart that I didn’t know and therefore missed saying goodbye.

I have little treasures I’ve saved that Shane has given me all over my house lol , since the day I moved away from Elmwood. Like this  wrought iron  peace symbol I cherish hanging in my place.

I hope that in knowing that Shane is at peace now-that  it will reflect that peace back into the broken hearts mourning in his loss

Shane suffered inside from self- blame with his  past and you know he wouldn’t want anyone else  to stay stuck in the hurt or to be suffering he just wouldn’t want that.

Clint must’ve needed his bro wherever they are.. Even when he was still alive he would wake up and the first words out of his mouth would be-

“where’s Shane ? Is Shane-o  okay blondie  ? “

Every single time.

I will forever hear your voice of support and words of wisdom Shane !!You will be missed dearly!!!!

My condolences and prayers to all who knew Shane and my deepest sympathy, thoughts, prayers, with all my LOVE to the family- 💔🙏🏻

your friend forever & always …Blondie…❤️

Mar 08
Replying to

With this message and the one directly to me (Marla) you have touched my heart immeasurably! You never have to say good-bye. He is with us in our hearts, in our memories, and in who we are. On the first page of his tribute album I could not write the standard cliche "Gone but not Forgotten". I changed it to "Never Forgotten. Never Really Gone". That is how we all feel I think.

On another note, could you please send me he photo above? I would love to include it in his scrapbook. Much love, Marla


Feb 26

I just found out. My sincere condolences to all Shane's loved ones. It is my prayer that he will be welcomed at Heaven's Gate by all who have gone before him.... especially by Michael Parker, where all will be forgiven and peace will reign


Feb 25

this is indeed so unfortunate.


Feb 16

The loss of such a special man and remarkable friend has no words. My heart holds hope that he is now amoungst so many that he loved and lost and that he has left us because it is now their time to re-experience his love, smile, loyalty and warmth. Shane: send Phil my love, until we are all together again

Feb 16
Replying to

What an incredibly beautiful message! It is very much appreciated ❤️


Mar 08
Replying to

Thank you. Phil was a special man. I am glad Shane had him in his life, though of course i wish it was for longer

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