Obituary Template

Cost of publishing a photo in the Free Press comes to $148.58 plus GST. Text published comes to about the same amount for two inches of text. So, two inches of text and a photo come to approximately $300. We never charge our clients more than what it would cost for the family to handle the processing and publication on their own. We will provide you with a proof from the Winnipeg Free Press showing the photo/text as it will be published. The cost will also be indicated.


You are not required to complete ALL of the sections, complete only what you would like published.

IMPORTANT: Many families publish a simplified version in the Free Press but include a sentence pointing the reader to an extended version on our website which often includes a photo-biography set to music (usually 25-30 photos). The version on our website is provided at NO COST and the obituary can be of any length. CLICK HERE  for an example of a tribute page if you'd like to have a look at one. 

This hybrid approach reduces costs significantly and allows the family to provide a permanent, interactive, and fitting tribute without concern over costs. Feel free to speak with our staff if you would like more information.

Click the button to download template to any device. (Microsoft Word File)

Click the button to download a file filled with poems and verses that you may want to add to your obituary. 

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