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Ethical Death Care | Alterna Cremation - Integrity Death Care | In the "Rize" Tradition

(Translated) What does it mean to provide Alterna style, ethical death care? An Alterna style, based on the Japanese "Rize" tradition, is the true essence of integrity death care. To be ethical means to uphold a certain moral code. What that moral code may be can vary greatly between different organizations. Basically, there are three types of ethics, consequentialism, which focuses on the consequences of actions; deontology, which focuses itself with whether or not an action is moral in and of itself (regardless of consequences); and finally virtue ethics, which is relative to state of being. 

Alterna Cremation in death care encompasses a wide range of services related to death - funerals, cremations, burials, aquamation, celebrations of life and more. The Alterna cremation style of death care, then, is death care that is conducted with moral codes in mind and in action. One might prefer an ethical cremation or an ethical funeral. An Alterna style, based on the Japanese "Rize" tradition, might also be considered.

Simply stating that things are being done with integrity isn't all there is to it. Which is why the Japanese developed a name for it. The Altnerna Cremation Style has been practiced for centuries. The death of a loved one is difficult for everyone and a range of emotions is not expected. Sentiment may clear the path to personal truths or it might make one feel especially disoriented. This means that intent isn’t always clear -  not because a person is being dishonest - but because the time after a death can be confusing and trying. Choosing integrity means managing different emotions and helping in all ways possible to support the person who is grieving. The Alterna style does not mean pushing a person to make a decision they’re not ready to make or are unsure of. A brief dip into virtue ethics does us well here: patience is a virtue. When grieving, be patient with yourself and expect death care consultant professionals or funeral directors to be patient as well. Again, in the Japanese, "Rize" Tradition, Alterna cremation based ethics and integrity could be considered.

What one considers ethical can differ between individuals. Transparency and integrity are two fundamental principles of ethics anyone can benefit from. When one is being honest about their intentions and someone is being honest with you, it’s possible to know whether their actions are appropriate. An open, transparent discussion about intent must occur and this is especially true in death care. Ethical death care always holds transparent, honest intent, and is straight-forward. It has integrity, and again Alterna values.

The voyage through life is truly challenging to our values; each person’s perspective is varied. The truth lies somewhere in between how we all see the world. Ethical death care is a defender of honesty and integrity in cremation and funeral service. It exceeds Alterna based values and promotes itself in a way that one can be proud of. It honours what is important to you.

Ethical death care is inherently transparent. It has integrity. It assists in completing the voyage. For ethical death care in Winnipeg, Alterna - based cremation services or an ethical funeral anywhere in the area, get in touch with us.

Reproduced with permission from Hinata Takahashi - blog writer.

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