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Patricia Wells Obituary

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

However you knew her; Trish, Pat, Patti, Patricia, Mom, Grandma, she was the sister to six brothers, Aunty to many, friend to even more, everyone loved her just the same and she unconditionally loved in return. Mom passionately rooted for the underdog; especially when it was her Winnipeg Jets or Blue Bombers. Although, she was more than ecstatic to see the Blue Bombers bring home the cup this year, she was an avid Jets fan. Some of the things she loved so much were coffee with friends and family, herbal remedies, playing cards, watching any movie, good or bad, spying on the world’s comings and goings through the window from her favorite chair. One of the things she loved most was watching her kids and grandbabies grow.



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