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Doris Trump

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September 9, 1937- May 21, 2022

It is with profound sadness and shattered hearts that we announce the passing of our mum, gramma, great gramma, and great great gramma, Doris Annette Trump. After a short illness that mum fought so hard with, she passed away at her home with her daughters by her side on May 21,2022.

Left to mourn and fondly and forever remember Mum’s memories are her daughter Corinna and husband Ken Loxton, grandson Dustin and wife Carleigh and baby to be, grandson Tyler, Kenzie and great grandson Mitchell, daughter Kathy and partner Vince Morgielewicz, Grandson Christian and granddaughter Alyssa and Dawson, daughter Doreen, granddaughter Tarla and husband Rob Jorginson, great granddaughters Lexi and Chloe, great granddaughter Jade Parker and great great granddaughter Ayla, grandson Jayson and partner Cassie, son Stan and Anita and son Michael, family friends Arlene and husband Jeff Chisholm and their sons Eric and Dylan and numerous nieces and nephews and so many friends. Mum was predeceased by her son George and her “adopted” daughter Lucie.

Mum was a very private person and was so quiet, that is until she really got to know you and then she was such a happy, lively and funny person. You really got to know what a loving and protective mum she was.

Mum was like a tigress when it came to her kids, she was very protective, devoted and sometimes really strict with all of us, but as it turns out we all actually thanked her for making us the people we are today, if it wasn’t for her protectiveness we could all be in different lives right now.

Mum was devoted to her children and then her grand babies came and it was a whole new world for her, she loved our kids with her whole heart and then some. She was so proud to tell who ever would listen that she had so many grand babies and they were still coming, she was getting great and even great great grand babies now, she was extremely proud of that fact, she was so happy when her grandson Tyler announced that we were to have another baby, when great grandson Mitchell came into the world, all she wanted was more and more pictures of him, I couldn’t keep up to her demand of more pictures of him, she was also very heartbroken when she realized that she would not get the chance to meet Dustin and Carleigh’s precious baby to be, she tried so hard to hold on.

Mum loved her grand babies and always called them her babies even with Tarla, Jayson, Dustin Christian, Tyler and Alyssa all being beyond their teens, they were still her grand babies. Then came great and great great grand babies Jade, Lexi, Ayla, Chloe and then Mitchell and she was off and running; her babies are everything to her.

Mum was also very attached to her son in law Ken, everything was always ask Ken this or ask Ken that, or make sure you pick up dinner for Ken after we would go out for lunch and shopping on our weekly Wednesday mum and Corinna outing. She would then call me that night or the next day and ask me what I brought him.

We all have such great memories of mum, we grew up with very little and scrimped for every dime and went without of a lot of things, but we always had each other and we always had mum. She was always our biggest reason to excel at whatever we did, we always wanted to make her happy and proud. She was always our champion, always encouraging and proud of us no matter how we did.

Growing up she would take all of our friends that needed another mum or a mum on their side under her wing, she became an instant confidante to who ever needed one. There were several occasions where the phone would ring and I would answer and it would be “oh hi Corinna can I talk to mum”, just like that she was now our friends mum as well. That’s how she always was once you met her and she got to know you, you would become family.

Mum gave so much of herself to us kids that she never really had a life of her own, everything she ever did was always for us kids. I asked her once why and her answer to me was Corinna you kids are my life, she said I am everything because of all of you. I will never forget that and now that is exactly how I look at my life and my kids. Thank you mum you were an awesome teacher and a fantastic mum, everything I do and everything I am is because of you.

We are beyond heartbroken to have to say goodbye and to have to let you go is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do, our hearts are shattered into a billion pieces right now and there will forever be a piece of our hearts missing because you took the pieces when you left, we know it was your time and you are now free of pain, just know that we will miss you forever and love you always.

We want to thank Seven Oaks Hospital especially 5th floor Unit 3 day nurses,aides,doctors and staff for all of their compassion and great care they gave mum.

Also thank you to Carriage House Apartments, mum absolutely loved living there, all she wanted to do was go home, thank you Netta, Sylvia and Annebelle and everyone I cannot name because there were so many that mum talked about as her friends for everything, you made her so happy.

We would like to invite anyone who would like to stop by for her Celebration Of Life on Sunday May 29th 1pm-4pm at Carriage House North 535 Leila Ave.

Doris’ family kindly requests that all of her friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour her memory by sharing photos, memories, and stories, using the comment section on this page.

Love you always and forever mumma.


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