Are you a Funeral Home?

Ethical Death Care is a fully licensed Winnipeg Funeral Home. The difference between us and everyone else, is in the way we conduct business, and the way we treat our clients.

For example, we do not own our own Funeral Chapel. Some may see this as a problem, but in reality, this is a benefit to our clients. We have no desire to sell you on using our facility for your loved one’s service. Perhaps you don’t want a service at all, you just want a Simple Cremation and nothing else. That’s perfect. Doesn’t make a difference to us.

The same can be said about owning our own crematorium.  Say Alkaline hydrolysis becomes legal in Manitoba and becomes a popular alternative to cremation. If you owned a crematory, and people asked you for aquamation, you’d want to talk them out of it. You have that crematorium to pay for after all.

We have no skin in the game, and no reason to try sell you anything. You pay for what you want, at cost.

If this interests you please head over to any of our pricing pages found in the drop-down menu above, all of which offer full-disclosure pricing and a full breakdown of everything that is offered.

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