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Winnipeg's Original


to the traditional funeral home.

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Cremation Services & Products

Traditional Casket Burial

We do not profit from

most products and services provided.

All of our arrangers are experienced, licensed, and fully accredited

by the Funeral Board of Manitoba.

We're different...

How we're different...

Ethical Death Care, Cremation & Funeral Planning, provides all of the services of a traditional funeral home, but with a very different approach. We service our clients with integrity, dignity, and direct care. We own our own crematory and handle everything ourselves.

We provide full-disclosure pricing and do not profit from the sale of products like crematory fees, urns, caskets, catering, headstones, or obituary publications.

Our clients pay what we pay, which means we never have a reason to encourage a family to buy things they don't want or need.

We do not ask for payment in advance and if a family has trouble affording our services, we will provide service at whatever price they CAN afford.

We are located downtown at 530 St. Mary Avenue one block off Portage Avenue between the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the University of Winnipeg. We have ample, free parking within a few feet of our door.

  • Most items provided at cost (not-for-profit)

  • We do not require payment prior to essential services being performed (transfer of deceased, cremation, government notifications etc).

  • Death Certificates are always included.

  • We complete CPP Death & Survivors benefits applications and notify Service Canada of the death at no charge.

  • No charge estate/executor consultation to assist with estate management. We ensure our clients know exactly how to manage the estate, specific to the circumstances relative to the deceased.

Give us a call, we'd be happy to speak with you and explain who we are and how we work.

Centrally Located - Ample Parking
One Block off Portage Avenue Between the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the University of Winnipeg
Phone: 24hrs 204.421.5501 | Email:

Meet The Team

Death Care Services Inc. is a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals.

With over 65 years of experience between us, we are good at what we do. That said, none of us could do it alone.

We are a tight-knit group of people dedicated to offering Winnipeg the best in death care when a loved-one passes away.

Shane Neufeld

Shane Neufeld

  • Email Shane Neufeld

Owner | General Manager | LE, LFD

Shane started as an apprentice Funeral Director in 1990. During his career he struggled with the direction funeral service was taking and wanted to offer something different.


In 2014 he developed a completely new concept in the death care / funeral industry which has resonated very well with the community in Winnipeg. 

Shane is married to Christy Neufeld, since 2001 and they have two lovely children, Ella and Brock. 

christy neufeld.jpg

Christy Neufeld

  • Email Christy Neufeld


Christy first started working in funeral service, as a student, at Thomson Funeral Home of Winnipeg in 1996.


Shane was a a Funeral Director & Embalmer at Thomson's at the time. Soon they began dating and now the two of them parent two children and are highly focused on the business of providing alternative cremation and funeral services to the Winnipeg Community.

Dillon Galonsky

Dillon Galonsky

  • Email Dillon Galonsky

Information Technology | Funeral Director

Dillon holds a pivotal position within Death Care Services Inc., where his multifaceted responsibilities are executed with unparalleled proficiency.

As a compassionate and dedicated Funeral Director, Dillon brings significant experience to his role, ensuring families receive essential support and guidance during their most challenging times. He meticulously manages every service detail with care. Beyond his direct interactions with families, Dillon is also responsible for overseeing the company's website and obituary pages, with a particular focus on managing online forms and ensuring the security, accuracy, and reliability of the data collected—a task of paramount importance to our organization. He also creates heartfelt photo biographies, capturing the essence of lives celebrated. Dillon's commitment to excellence and passion for helping others make him an invaluable asset to both our team and the families we serve.

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Watch our very own Shane Neufeld featured in the CBC Market Place  investigative report on Funeral Home Mark-Ups and unethical business practices in death care.



Watch CBC News (The National) Interview our Shane Neufeld about funeral practices, ethics, and fair business practice in death care.

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