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Simple Burial
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Simple Burial: $3,235

Includes everything except the cemetery property itself.

  • Transfer from a Winnipeg hospital is included*

    • Transfers from non-hospital facilities without temperature controlled holding areas adds $195 to our cost. (nursing homes and deaths at home)

  • Planning session in our modern planning centre downtown (ample parking)

  • We handle all of the arrangements with the hospital 

  • You will work with one of our staff exclusively; you will not encounter any salespeople.​

  • Registration of death with the Province of Manitoba

  • Basic burial casket (wood construction, shown here)

  • Transport to the cemetery of choice in the Winnipeg area.

  • Vehicles required for transport.

  • Proof of Death Certificates for estate purposes.


All of the above services and products are included in the package price for a total of $3235 or add $195 if the death occurs in a nursing home or home residence (see above),

IMPORTANT - An administration fee of 3% of invoice total is added to all accounts. This fee is waived when payment via cheque or cash is made within seven days of invoice date.


The fee remains effective for all credit card payments. Invoices are issued on the date death certificates are issued to the family, usually during the consultation appointment. We do not require payment prior to providing our services but appreciate prompt payment once services are fully rendered.

  • Add $195 if the death occurs in a nursing home or home residence (see above).

  • A scheduled, private identification viewing at our premises; adds $1395 to the total cost.

Clarion Walnut Casket.jpg

INCLUDED: Clarion Walnut

  • Canadian-Made

  • Wood Construction (Walnut)

  • Rosetan Crepe Interior


Norway Poplar - adds $150

  • Canadian-Made

  • Mahogany Stain Finish

  • Solid Wood Construction (Poplar)

  • Rosetan Crepe Interior

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