Celebration of Life

No Surprises

$4,995 + taxes

All Inclusive Celebration of Life Event on Wellington Crescent

Including Cremation Services, Professional Management

Catering, Facilities and Much More


$4,995 plus GST

No Hidden Fees


We provide much more than you'd expect and include all of the following.


  • Transfer from a Winnipeg hospital is included*.

    • deaths occurring in personal care homes and residences adds $295 + GST to our cost (24 hour immediate demand service)​

      *In order to ensure the safety of our staff, so that we may continue to serve the community of Winnipeg, in the event a decedent is COVID positive, we will be engaging a third-party transfer service that has introduced additional safety measures and equipment on top of their normal procedures to ensure appropriate protection for themselves and the public. This adds $295 to our cost.

  • Assumes the family does not wish to have a viewing or be present at the crematory after deceased has been taken into our care. (see pricing for these items below)

  • Arrangement session with a provincially licensed professional in our planning centre on St. Mary Avenue included.

  • Registration of death with the Province of Manitoba included.

  • Professionally Prepared and Completed CPP Death Benefit and Survivor's Benefits Applications - included. We provide the documents printed and ready to submit to Service Canada.

  • Proof of Death Certificates are included.

  • Simple cremation casket (plywood construction) included.

  • Crematory fee (the actual cremation process) included.

  • Obituary notice of any length along with a photo-tribute (up to 30 photos) is included at no extra charge. included - See a sample by Clicking HERE.

  • Free Press Obituary discount. We pay considerably less than you would in the Winnipeg Free Press Obituary Section. We also assist in writing the obituary in such a way that costs are reduced (if desired) and the reader is pointed to a much more comprehensive obituary on our website (provided at no charge)

  • Cremation urns are sold (optionally) on a non-profit basis, starting at less than $100. Families are encouraged to provide their own or purchase elsewhere if desired. Alternatively, we are always happy to lend one of our ceremonial urns for the service at no charge included.

  • Professional management and staffing, our Celebration of Life Service planning & attendance services are included. We professionally manage the event and ensure every detail is attended to. We even manage the parking lot, directing to overflow parking and assisting those with disabilities to park close to the door.

  • Event Facility - 603 Wellington Crescent at Academy.  Click here for photos -  included.

  • ​Obituary of any length along with a custom, individually produced, photo-tribute (up to 30 photos) provided at no charge. See a sample by Clicking HERE.  - included. (obituaries published in the Free Press or other publication are charged at cost and based on length)

  • Ceremonial Cremation Urn: A choice of high-quality urns which can be used for the event, provided without charge. This is an excellent solution for families who intend to scatter the ashes -  included. (Urns the family would like to keep are sold (optionally) on a non-profit basis.  Click here to have a look at some)​ 

  • Premium Catering via Ira's Deli for 50 guests and includes fancy sandwiches, deli sandwiches, dainties, gourmet cheese and cracker trays, fruit platters, vegetable platters with gourmet dip included. (add $11.95/person, when ordering, after the first 50 guests). (Families are free to choose any caterer)

  • A less expensive catering option is also available. The biggest difference is in the sandwiches. Instead of pre-made sandwiches, a social style lunch with an assortment of locally sourced high-quality luncheon meats, fresh rye bread, fresh fruit trays, fresh vegetable trays, cheese cubes, pickles, sweets and dainties for $6.00/person. (See Photos below) - Selecting this option reduces the cost of this package by $200, assuming 50 guests.

  • Beverages - coffee, tea & vast assortment of cold beverages, includes ice, cream & sugar etc. - included. Add $1.00/person after the first fifty guests.

  • Hostess' for reception - they setup, handle food replenishment, clear tables, serve beverages and leave the facility the way they found it. Start to finish, they each spend about five hours at the event. Two are included.

  • Celebration of Life Equipment Package - Audio Visual Equipment, for photo-tributes (including high-definition projector, staff to operate, computer equipment, and necessary cables connected to the main sound system), linens for tables, and tall (standing style) tables - included.

  • Guestbook Register (guestbook) - included.

All of the above services and products are included in the package price for a total of $4995 plus applicable taxes.

Optional Bar Service - some families opt to service beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages of their choice. We supply a qualified bartender and include pre-chilling accordingly. Alcoholic beverages are provided at LiquorMart rates and are not marked-up. Add $295 for bar-service and we will add the cost liquor consumed. For a group of 50 guests cost of alcohol tends to add approximately $175 - $300 to the overall cost. We will also take care of the necessary permits! - See photo below.

Other Optional Services

Some things that could add to cost if selected or required...

  • Add $295* if the death occurs in a nursing home or home residence (see above) this service is provided at cost and without profit.

  • A scheduled cremation witnessing or a family presence at the crematory adds $395 to this package. [Provided at our cost]

  • A scheduled, private identification viewing at our premises adds $985 to the total cost and does not require the purchase of a casket.

  • Professional Celebrant or Ordained Minister - Many families provide someone to emcee or officiate the event but if help is needed we will pair the family with a professional of similar or compatible religious values.

IMPORTANT - An administration fee of 3% of invoice total is added to all accounts. This fee is waived when payment via cheque or cash is made within seven days of invoice date. The fee remains effective for all credit card payments. Invoices are issued on the date death certificates are issued to the family, usually during the consultation appointment. We do not require payment prior to providing our services but appreciate prompt payment once services are fully rendered.

Social Style - Lunch - $6.00/person
(Reduces overall cost by $4.00/person compared to professionally catered option included in the above package)
Bar Service - Optional - We take care of the permits, serving etc, pay only for what is used, at cost.
Display on the Grand Piano
Display on the Grand Piano

Wellington Crescent Facility

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120 inch Projection System
120 inch Projection System

Wellington Crescent Facility

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Typical bar setup (when selected)
Typical bar setup (when selected)

Wellington Crescent Facility

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Display on the Grand Piano
Display on the Grand Piano

Wellington Crescent Facility

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