Specially priced for families who do not want a viewing.

A private viewing (with or without embalming) may be added... see below.

Simple Cremation $1,395 plus GST including an urn, obituary notice of any length, and professionally produced Photo Tribute


We provide more than you'd expect and include all of the following...

  • Transfer from a Winnipeg hospital is included.

    • deaths occurring in personal care homes and residences adds $125 + GST to our cost (24 hour immediate demand service)

  • Cremation Urn from our "Select Series" - included.  - Urns purchased from outside the Select Series are provided at our cost and without profit.

  • Assumes the family does not wish to have a viewing or be present at the crematory after deceased has been taken into our care. (see pricing for these items below)

  • Arrangement session in our planning center on St. Mary Avenue included.

  • Registration of death with the Province of Manitoba included.

  • Professionally prepared and completed CPP Death Benefit and Survivor's Benefit Applications includedWe provide the documents printed and ready to submit to Service Canada.

  • Proof of Death Certificates are included.

  • Simple cremation casket (plywood construction) included.

  • Crematory fee (the actual cremation process) included.

  • Obituary notice of any length along with a photo-tribute (up to 30 photos) is included at no extra charge - Please view a sample by Clicking HERE.

  • Free Press Obituary discount. We pay considerably less than you would in the Winnipeg Free Press Obituary Section. We also assist in writing the obituary in such a way that costs are reduced (if desired) and the reader is pointed to a much more comprehensive obituary on our website (provided at no charge)

  • Cremation urns are sold (optionally) on a non-profit basis, starting at less than $100. Families are encouraged to provide their own or purchase elsewhere if desired.

  • You will not encounter any sales people and payment in advance is not necessary. We prefer to provide our services before asking for payment.


$1,395 plus GST includes all of the above services.

Some things that could add to cost if selected or required...

  • Add $125 if the death occurs in a nursing home or home residence (see above) this service is provided at cost and without profit.

  • A scheduled cremation witnessing or a family presence at the crematory adds $395 plus GST to this package.

  • A scheduled, private identification viewing at our premises adds $495 to the total cost.