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Integity Death Care


$1,395 - Simple Direct Care Cremation Service

We provide more than you'd expect and include all of the following...

  • Transfer from a Winnipeg hospital is included.

    • deaths occurring in personal care homes and personal residences or hospitals during elevated Covid-19 status level time-periods may require additional staff, vehicles, services, personal protective equipment, and expense.


Please contact us to discuss transportation services from the place of death so that we can correctly determine which, if any, additional costs may be incurred during elevated Covid-19 pandemic status level timeframes. Ph 204-421-5501

  • Arrangement session in our planning centre on St. Mary Avenue included.

  • Registration of death with the Province of Manitoba included.

  • Professionally prepared and completed CPP Death Benefit and Survivor's Benefit Applications included.

  • Death Certificates are included. (Provincial Certificates for land-titles adds $30, added only if needed)

  • Simple Plywood Cremation Tray included.

  • Cremation Fees included.

  • Obituary notice of any length along with a photo-tribute (up to 30 photos) is included at no extra charge (on our website) - Please view a sample by Clicking HERE.

  • Free Press Obituary Placement - we handle editing, formatting and placement. This often reduces costs considerably. The Free Press charges based on the length, and we do not markup the Free Press' standard publication fees.

  • Cremation urns are sold (optionally) on a non-profit basis, starting at less than $100. Families are encouraged to provide their own or purchase elsewhere if desired.

What might add to costs?

Winnipeg Free Press Obituary

~based on length


Obituaries in the Winnipeg Free Press 100% optional and are priced based on length. You'll pay no more that what you would pay handling things yourself.

Many of our clients will opt to publish a short version in the Winnipeg Free Press and include a few lines pointing the reader to the longer, free version on our website. This can drastically reduce overall costs of publishing an obituary.

Land Titles Death Certificate

$30 - no tax


A death certificate from the Province of Manitoba is needed to handle land titles changes after death. These certificates are $30 but not everyone owns property, so not everyone needs one.

One certificate is needed for each province in which property is owned.

$295 + gst


To reduce cost to our clients, we engage a transfer service when a death occurs at home or in a Nursing Home or at a Private Residence. The deceased is moved to a temperature controlled, private holding facility until the death is registered and the family has an opportunity to authorize services.

*In order to ensure the safety of our staff, so that we may continue to serve the community of Winnipeg, in the event a decedent is COVID positive, or if the death occurs in an environment where COVID positive patients are present, we will be engaging a third-party transfer service that has introduced additional safety measures and equipment on top of their normal procedures to ensure appropriate protection for themselves and the public.

Private Viewing



Our Simple Cremation Package is designed for families who are not interested in a viewing.

For families who would prefer to arrange a private viewing before cremation takes place we can accommodate groups of up to 25 and have ample parking.

(We are currently limited to 25 due to COVID)

Nursing Home & Home Deaths