Christy & Shane Neufeld - owners

Meet The Team

Death Care Services Inc. is a small, dedicated team of experienced professionals.

With over 65 years of experience between the four of us, we are good at what we do. That said, none of us could do it alone. We are a tight-knit group of people dedicated to offering Winnipeg the best in care when a loved-one dies.

Shane Neufeld

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Owner | General Manager | LE, LFD

Shane started as an apprentice Funeral Director in 1990. During his career he struggled with the direction funeral service was taking and wanted to offer something different. In 2014 he developed a completely new concept in the death care / funeral industry which has resonated very well with the community in Winnipeg. 

Shane is married to Christy Neufeld, since 2001 and they have two lovely children, Ella and Brock. 

Christy Neufeld

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Christy first started working in funeral service, as a student, at Thomson Funeral Home of Winnipeg in 1996. Shane was a a Funeral Director & Embalmer at Thomson's at the time. Soon they began dating and now the two of them parent two children and are highly focused on the business of providing cremation and funeral services to the Winnipeg Community.

Anthony Tarnowski

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Funeral Director | Embalmer

Anthony started his career in the death care / funeral industry at Bardal Funeral Home in 2008. At Bardal Anthony was fortunate to experience funeral and cremation traditions from a large variety different cultures, which serves him very well today.

Anthony is a key to our team's success and comes in every day with a positive, fun, and encouraging attitude.

Dillon Galonsky

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Information Technology / Transportation

Dillon is a key employee at Death Care Services Inc. He has many roles and excels at all of them.

Dillon manages the website, obituary pages, photo-tributes, and (especially) the online forms and the data they produce. He makes sure the data is encrypted, accurate and reliable. Something our organisation takes very seriously.

Dillon also manages the processes of identifying and fingerprinting each decedent before the cremation takes place. He manages the transport schedule and ensures the vehicles are fuelled, clean and in excellent working order.


Ethical Death Care (Death Care Services Inc.) is privately, independently, and locally owned. As a company, we are not associated with, nor do we wish to be confused with, any other Winnipeg based organizations or suppliers; regardless of perceived similarities in business model and/or name.