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August 23, 1979 - January 3, 2019

Christopher suddenly passed away on January 3rd 2019 at the age of 39 years.

Christopher was born on a hot summer's day on August 23rd 1979. He grew up in Winnipeg and attended Champlain and St. John's high school. As a child Christopher was mischievous, full of energy, and was curious about everything. He had a thirst for knowledge and always wanted to know how things worked.  This carried him throughout his life. Chris was able to build or fix anything. If Chris didn’t know how to do something, he would do his research and teach himself how.

As a child, Chris loved to play sports. He played basketball, soccer and his favorite, was baseball. His pitching skills were amazing. His days were spent outside playing with his neighborhood friends.

When Christopher was seven, his dad gave him a set of pearl drums for his birthday. Thus, began his love for music. Christopher spent countless hours in the basement with his dad learning to play the drums. When Christopher was in high school, he and some of his friends formed a band called Dirt Babies. Pete, Steve, Jonas and Dave were his band mates. They played at school and locally, having many fans. Later on, Steve, Pete, Jonas and Chris formed the band Freak Attraction. They played at local venues and often used the band as a reason to get together to just jam. Christopher also taught himself to play the guitar. Chris would often sit down with his little girls and have a sing along with them. Wonderful memories that Shelby and Callie will forever cherish.

When Christopher was young, we would take him camping. Nutimik lake in the Whiteshell became the place he loved the most. Christopher had a passion for being outdoors in the wilderness. He loved camping, boating, fishing, riding on ATVs, snowmobiles, shooting and archery. Chris shared this love with his girls and ensured that they would carry on his passion of the outdoor life as well.

Christopher was the smartest, hard working, determined man that we know. Chris was sixteen when he took his first summer job building aluminum boats. Chris then ventured out into the world of printing by becoming a rollman. He mastered his skills as a shipper/receiver. Chris then went on to receive his A+ certification in computers and worked in that industry for a period including teaching telecommunication skills to others.

Chris's next step in his career was the trades. He worked hard and received his Red Seal in metal fabrication. He was very proud to have won gold at a national competition. Chris continued on in this trade, performing jobs of nuclear plant deconstruction and as a foreman to construction crews. Chris's final career position was as a project manager/estimator.

Christopher leaves behind his two sisters Shannon and Melinda. Jordan is Chris’ only brother. Christopher has many aunties, uncles and cousins as well as his opa who miss him dearly. Shelby and Callie, know that daddy loved you two goons and you two were his world.

Chris, you were an amazing man and an incredible father, brother and son. Your humor and smile lit up a room. You were the proudest, smartest, and most stubborn man with a heart of gold who we were proud to say was our son. Our love for you was unconditional and true. We will always cherish having had you for our son. Although our time with you was cut short, we will forever love you and cherish the memories.

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