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Barb Falardeau

Image by Houcine Ncib


(née Hawthorne)

August 21, 1953 - March 16, 2019

Peacefully after a brief battle with cancer, Barb Falardeau passed away in the Riverview Health Centre on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at the age of 65 years.


Barb will be lovingly remembered by her husband Ed; daughter Allyson (Scott) Meakin and her granddaughter Hayley Meakin.


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Cremation has taken place and there will be no formal services at this time.


I was born August 21, 1953 in Edmonton, Alberta and died March 16, 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was 65. In between I had a good life. Would I have liked it to been longer, of course.

I was raised in a middle class neighborhood of Montrose in Edmonton with my brothers Jim and Bob. Jim was 12 years older. Jim died in 2018. Bob who is 8 years older still resides in Edmonton. My parents were loving and caring people. As I was the “baby” of the family I was spoiled and well taken care of. My mother Eva died in 1992 and my dad George died in 2005. My dad fought in WWII and when he returned from the war he started working for Canadian National Railways (CNR) until he retired. My mom was a homemaker for the most part of her life but once the kids got older she started working at The Bay part time and worked there for many years until she retired.

In my formative years I went to Montrose Elementary School where I still remember my favourite teacher being Mrs. Daly. I then moved onto Highlands Jr. High school for grades 7, 8 & 9. And finally to Eastglen Composite High School to finish high school. I was always a good and attentive student but was never a scholar. During this time I met and developed some very close friendships.

In March 1968 when I was 14 and still in Jr. High School I met and fell in love with my future husband, Ed Falardeau, who was also 14. . The love was not immediate, remember I was just a kid. But over time we grew an inseparable bond that will last forever. We went to different schools but that did not prevent us from seeing each other at every opportunity. At first I was apprehensive introducing Ed to my parents. Remember this is the hippie era, he had long hair and was quite shy. I really had nothing to be concerned about. My mom took to him quickly but my dad took a little longer to come around and eventually they both accepted him into the family. During this time we spent as much time as we could together. Eventually Ed moved into the basement of my parents’ home. His mother was getting remarried and moving to Manitoba and I asked my parents if Ed could move into the basement. My parents’ agreed as long as there was no “funny business” taking place. This would end up being a good arrangement for all concerned, Ed got a stable home environment, something he never had before and my parents got a helper around the house, cutting grass, cleaning snow, etc.

One of the first bonding experiences Ed and I shared was walking in the Miles for Millions charitable walk in May of 1968. We walked the complete distance of 25 miles holding hands most of the time.

Our lives moved on and during our high school years, we went to school, loved each other and in the summer months we both worked for CNR, Ed in the Stores department and I at CNCP Telecommunications.

Ed and I got engaged when we were about 17. While we were visiting his grandparent’s farm he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. We kept this a secret for a little while because of our ages. Eventually Ed was able to save enough from working his summer job that he was able to buy me my very first engagement ring. Since then he has bought me many more diamond rings. Ed asked my dad for my hand in marriage, dad was somewhat reluctant due to our ages but he agreed.  We then started the process of planning for a wedding which was greatly assisted by my mom and dad. One rule my father stipulated was that I had to be at least 20 years old when I got married. So on August 25, 1973 Ed and I were married, I was just 4 days past 19.

We moved into a new apartment complex in Edmonton and lived there for a few years. We got to know each other as husband and wife and were very happy.  We moved a few times trying to save to buy a house but this was the time mortgage interest rates were 17% and based on our salaries we could never qualify for a mortgage. We continued renting and working for CNR and living our lives as a happily married couple, most of the time. Every marriage has it highs and lows and ours was no exception. We always survived the lows and had many mores highs.

About September 1978 I became aware that I was pregnant and I shared this news with Ed and we were both ecstatic over the news. We were going to have a baby!!! We planned and prepared for a baby by setting up a nursery not knowing if it was a boy or a girl. On April 18, 1979, Allyson was born making this one of the happiest days of our lives. We were young, only 25 and we did not know if we would be bad or good parents. As it turned out we worked hard and became good parents. As Ed and I were both a little old fashioned, it was agreed that I would stay home with Allyson while Ed continued to work for CNR. This was and will always be the best job I ever held. Yes we suffered financially but we did not care. We believed this the right thing to do. The next few years we lived as a happy family in Edmonton.

In the spring of 1983, Ed was offered a promotion, but the job was in Prince George, BC. As I had never lived outside Edmonton and I had my family as support close by, I was apprehensive about moving. We had many long discussions and we agreed that the best thing to do was to move to Prince George. In the fall of 1983 we moved to Prince George. We were able to buy our first house, a small two bedroom bi-level and we called this home for the next 8 years. Prince George was a great place to live and raise a family. Allyson completed her first 6 years of school here. As Allyson got older I started working part time during the time Allyson was in school. This worked out great for everyone. My parents visited often or we would drive to Edmonton to visit them. While in Prince George we added a new member to our family. We purchased a puppy from the humane society and for the next 17 years, Patches became part of our family.

We lived in Prince George for 8 years and became involved in the community and met many great friends. In fall of 1991, Ed had the opportunity to take a job in Edmonton and we both agreed that it was time to move back home. Because we liked the small town feel of Prince George, we decided to buy a home in Stony Plain, Alberta just a short 20 minute drive west of Edmonton. We settled in and Allyson completed her junior high and high school years in Stony Plain. I got a part time job at Safeway and we lived happily as a family in Stony Plain. We were close to my family and visited frequently.

In the spring of 1999 we found out the CNR was reorganizing and that Ed’s job was being relocated to Winnipeg. This was the one time we did not really want to move, we were happily settled in Stony Plain and Allyson was going to university and we did not want to uproot the family. We thought long and hard and eventually decided that the move was the best thing to do. Ed only had about 10 years to work before he could retire. Initially Allyson said she would move with us to Winnipeg and transfer universities. We bought a house in Winnipeg that would meet all our family needs. Patches was still with us. A month or so before we moved, Allyson informed us that she would be staying in Edmonton. This saddened us both. She was now an adult and could make her own decisions. In September 1999 Ed, I and Patches moved to Winnipeg. We settled into our new home and a few months later I got a job with Safeway. In the meantime, Allyson phoned and asked if she could move to Winnipeg to be with us, of course we said yes and welcomed her home with open arms. We were a family again.


Our lives continued on, Ed working for CN, me working at Safeway (later Co-op) and Allyson registered for university and competed her degree. She held a few different jobs after graduation and eventually became the Director of Human Resources for Western Canada Lotteries.

Ed and I travelled frequently and in most cases Allyson accompanied us, especially if it was to a sunny locale with beaches.

We were living a good life and planning for the future where we would retire and continue to travel. Our Patches after 17 years left us and a short time later we obtained another dog, Tobi who remained faithful and loving for 12 years. These were the 2 best dogs ever.

Allyson in the meantime met a nice gentleman named Scott Meakin who is a city of Winnipeg policeman. They dated, fell in love and bought a house and moved in together with their 2 chocolate labs, Nicki and Teeka. Then on June 02, 2007 they got married and made it official. A few years later they announced that they were having a baby. On December 8th, 2010 my beautiful granddaughter Hayley Eva Meakin was born. This was one of the happiest days of my life, I was a grandmother.

We continued living our lives and planning for our future together when in In September 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was devastating news, I was only 64 and looking forward to retirement. I went through the treatment process for about a year that included; two rounds of chemotherapy treatments, a recovery period followed by a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and finally 26 radiation treatments. On September 1st 2018 I retired. In October 2018 I was given the all clear by my oncologists, my breast cancer was successfully treated. Ed I and I made plans with friends to go to Mesa, Arizona for a month pulling our motorcycle with us so we could ride while we there. And then we confirmed a trip to Hawaii for 2 weeks at the start of April.

Then late November 2018 I started to get abdominal pains, I did not think much of them as I thought they were residual from the radiation treatments. As December came and went the pain worsened and I went to see my doctor in January who sent me for an ultrasound. I got the results that there was now cancer on my liver. Then a CT scan was scheduled followed by an appointment with my oncologist. On February 14 (yes Valentine’s Day), Ed and I went to the oncologist and he confirmed that yes I now had cancer on my liver and it was also spreading to my lungs. This is the worst news that we could have received. My cancer was untreatable and now I was terminal and that I would be placed in the palliative care program. I was given weeks to months to live. There were many tears shed that day and for months after. Needless to say our plans to travel were cancelled and the immediate action was for me to live the remainder of my life as comfortable as possible.

Initially I stayed at home and was looked after by my loving husband and family and friends. I also received assistance from the palliative care group. Eventually the pain became too much and I was no longer able to physically move around and I was placed in the Riverview Health Care Centre. The staff here are so dedicated, understanding and amazing. Thank you for your care. I was in the center from March 6th until my passing on March 16th.

My life was good and I have few regrets. I would not change anything other than the Cancer.

There are many moments in my life where I have been very proud and happy. Some of my happiest memories include:

  • Growing up with my family

  • Getting married to Ed

  • The birth of my lovely daughter Allyson

  • How my daughter grew up into a beautiful woman and became successful in her career.

  • The marriage of my daughter to Scott

  • The birth of my wonderful granddaughter Hayley. This rates as one of the top.

  • How Ed and I were together for 51 years and married for almost 46 years.

I leave behind to celebrate my life; my husband Ed who I loved very much; daughter Allyson, her husband Scott Meakin and Hayley, the best granddaughter in the world. My brother Bob Hawthorne and his wife Gay. Sister-in-law Shirley Hawthorne. Nephews Rob Hawthorne and Alan Hawthorne. Nieces Sherri Guy and Keri Hawthorne. Julie and Lee Sinner and their children. David and Nichelle Barkley and their son

Thanks to my many friends who have supported and loved me. Thanks to my coworkers who made working fun.

In closing I have one thing to say FUCK CANCER!


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