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With heavy hearts, we announce that Ayden Heide passed away on August 27, 2020 at the age of 25 years.

Ayden was born a big baby 9'6". He was active from the very beginning morphing and contorting Moms belly with his many stretches and tumbles. He was a peaceful calm baby and is remembered by many for his gentle humming while he was rocked to sleep. As he grew alongside his big brother Jacob he learned adventure and challenge early on. Climbing and succeeding to break through the various safety precautions that were set in place was a normal occurrence. The two of them were inseparable pushing through various challenges everywhere they went.


Ayden was always calm, soft spoken and gentle. All through elementary school he became a treasured friend to both boys and girls alike. He was regularly awarded citizenship awards and recognition for his skills in mediation all through these years. Ayden adapted to many schools and homes never shying away from new opportunities and treasured friendships. Ayden grew to enjoy being a part of blended families on both his Mom and Dads side, honoring more brothers into his busy life. By gathering a vast array of friendships he was able to diversify his interests enjoying many extreme sports interests along the way. His fearless spirit led him to enjoy skateboarding, parkour, skydiving, extreme bmxing, dirt biking and quading just to name a few. It was not abnormal to see him hanging from a tree or flipping in the hallways of his school.


The word "brother" held a value of honor. A code really of unconditional love. Through the tough stuff many would turn away from Ayden held those who stumbled close. He honored the beauty he saw within each and every one he branded with this loving word. Building upon each other's strengths many brothers stuck together and grew together a bond that holds through time and space. A relationship that still  grows and exists beyond physical limitations, a true treasure to behold.


Ayden embraced his next phase of life open heartedly. He was blessed by meeting Taylor and together they made a beautiful baby girl named Stella. As a father he beamed with pride and devoted his life to his family. They always looked for new and different ways to bring fun into their  home. Hours and days were spent building box forts and creative drive-ins in their backyard with close friends. Family time was a cherished time  in so many different ways.


He became a determined hobby mechanic with the loving guidance of his Brothers, Dad, Uncle and Grandpa. Problem solving many projects with his friends and family he grew in confidence and pride and began to adapt these skills to his own vehicles. He looked out for his friends and family asking us one at a time to pull into his garage for a quick tune up or oil change letting us know we were deeply cared for and treasured, through his actions.


His daughter was his heart, his love, his treasure, his focus within each and every day. Since the time of conception a loving devotion and connection grew strong beyond what words can say. Her smile blossomed his heart to new levels. Her cry gathered his will to strive and grow into a man she'd be honored to see. Each day birthed a renewed commitment to build a life of love, of freedom and hope beyond  perceived limitations. His wish was that she grow into all she wants to be, whatever that may be, without restriction and judgement.

Ayden is greatly missed in the physical but as his family we know the treasures that he taught us will continue to grow. As we nurture our strengths and treasure the beauty within each other there builds a greater strength that naturally thrives and spreads not only in our own lives but the lives of all we meet. Strength grows from the focus on these lessons he taught us and last beyond the end of our days.


I was blessed to have Ayden Reid Heide as my younger brother for 25 years. Thank you Ayden for putting up with me for so long. From helping me put on my socks, tie my shoes and teaching me what a clean room looks like. Sometimes I feel that I learned more from you, than what you learned from me.

Growing up, Ayden was adventurous. He loved to try new things and conquer challenges without boundaries. If he wasn't progressing towards something, then he wasn't growing. This attitude would stick with him forever. He would go exploring in the creek after elementary school. He would build tree houses in the tallest trees in the neighborhood just so he could see everything. He would go skateboarding and learn the hardest tricks just to come back and show you that he could do it. It seemed like there wasn't a physical challenge out there that he couldn't demolish.

Ayden also had a great sense of humor. He would play pranks from time to time too. I remember in one scenario, Ayden locked me out of the house and laughed at the thought of me sleeping outside. Shortly after, I had punched the window and broke the glass to get in. He unlocked the door and saw that my hand was bleeding. So we ran to the park together. I started crying not because of the pain, but because if mom had found out that I had broken the window, I would be in very big trouble. Ayden was quick to think of a plan to get us out of that mess. He was always there for you when times seemed like the absolute worst.

At the same time, Ayden was very compassionate, thoughtful and steadfast. If you were in trouble, being treated poorly or having a hard time, Ayden was the first to stand up and have something to say. He had a strong sense of right and wrong and was always there with you regardless of what was coming next. If one of his brothers were in trouble, he was there for them no matter what. Whether they were provinces away, or just a bedroom down the hall - he'd make sure he was there.

These traits led him to cultivate many life-long friendships. He was one of those people that was very easy to get along with and was quick to make you laugh. His personality was like a vortex that would gobble you up and spit you out a better person.

As he got older, he took on new hobbies like Free-Running, Fixing cars, Dirt Biking and Quadding. Whenever he'd learn something new, he'd be quick to show you that he was able to do it. Shortly after that, he'd want to show YOU how to do it. When he tried to show me how I could backflip off walls, let's just say I didn't get too far.

Ayden and friends used to go running around the city at night climbing on top of schools and other buildings on a regular basis. I remember when we took a trip to Las Vegas together, we had climbed on top of the Circus Circus casino. This was to get a better view of the building across from it, getting blown down.

After that trip, many things started to change. Ayden was now a dad full time! This was a challenge neither of us knew how to handle. Ayden didn't waver though, he just kept moving forward.

He would go on to learn alot in a very short period of time. I would often see him with a very warm smile on his face when he was with Stella. He would say to me "I can't wait until you have your first kid. I'm going to laugh alot."

He would ask me to babysit at times and Stella and I got along great. After Ayden and Taylor were gone for a few hours I recall Stella farting in my arms. With the changing table upstairs and me on the main floor, I moved as quick as I could with her in my arms and her diaper falling half off. When I got to the top of the stairs, Ayden was right there behind me, ready to change her diaper. I couldn't even believe it.

There are so many stories to tell and not enough time to tell them.

How do you sum up an entire life in 10 minutes without feeling like you've missed something?

What is the right way to feel?

These are some of the questions I have right now and I don't really have any answers.

But I know one thing is certain. Ayden is a legend in the hearts of many.

He will live on through us and our memories.

Every August 7th, I'll be celebrating your birthday little brother. I love you with all my heart.

When Stella asks me about you, I'll tell her the best stories. I guarantee it.

Ayden's family kindly requests that all of his friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour his memory by watching the photo-biography above. They also encourage the sharing of photos, memories, and stories by making use of the comment section on this page.


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August 7, 1995 - August 27, 2020

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