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September 15, 1987 - November 7, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Aaron Hudson, 33, of Winnipeg, MB, born Portsmouth, UK. After his long battle with mental and physical illnesses, Aaron died peacefully in his sleep at home on the 7th of November, 2020.

Aaron is survived by his 7 year-old daughter Chelsea Eva Hudson, brothers George and Steve Hudson (Melissa Goings), niece Emilie Mary Hudson, Mum Sandy Hudson and Dad Alan Hudson. He has also left behind his Nan Mary, his Nanny Iris, uncles, aunts, cousins and many family friends in the UK.

Born in St. Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth, Aaron was the cutest and easiest baby ever. As he grew up, he was sweet and loving to his two younger brothers. Aaron grew up a Chelsea fan, like his Dad and brother Steve. He named his pet rat Zola after one of Chelsea Football Club’s greatest players, and even named his daughter after his favourite team when he became a father! As long as they had a pumped up ball, the Hudson boys would play football until after dark. Aaron played forward and mid-fielder for a recreational team growing up and ended up coaching his daughter Chelsea’s soccer team for two years to help to solidify her love for “the beautiful game”.   

The Hudsons moved to Canada in October 2006. Returning to high school with his younger brothers in the same grade couldn’t have been easy. After high school, Aaron worked mainly in customer service, and travelled to New York and South Beach, Miami to be better able to promote their luxury hotels. Aaron treasured his New York photographs and hoped to take Chelsea there one day.

Aaron had an affinity with animals, especially insects and reptiles. On vacations, the family often had to stop while Aaron watched his newly claimed pet enjoy roaming around his arms, until he put the creature back in the wild. He had stick insects as pets, and also collected spiders in his bedroom, resulting in spider webs everywhere. As an adult, Aaron always had a pet, whether it was a bearded dragon called Homer, or cute kitties, called Gizmo or Hazzard (another Chelsea player).

Aaron always had creative ideas flowing; whether it was writing poems or creating raps or making up complex board games. As a child, Aaron always brought his originality into his projects, so as a Dad, when home-schooling was introduced at the start of the pandemic, Aaron embraced the new role with his creative flair.

Chelsea was born August 26, 2013 and she changed Aaron’s life. Chelsea brought Aaron joy, love and hope, but above all, a purpose. Aaron was a devoted father, moving close to Chelsea’s family home, and ensuring that she had the most amazing memories and experiences that would last a lifetime.  From the Zoo, the Children’s Museum, Halloween haunts, the cinema, or the Red River Exhibition, Aaron took every opportunity to expand Chelsea’s horizons. He even took Chelsea to Tinkertown outside the city by bus and a short cab ride. Aaron spent months planning a memorable weekend trip to Edmonton for Father’s Day.

Aaron loved Valentine’s Day, Hallowe’en, and absolutely any excuse to have a celebration with Chelsea. But most of all, he loved Christmas. From the music, to the food, to the decorations, Aaron loved to follow and create Christmas traditions, including decoration-making, baking, and watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve. 

Aaron loved Nickelodeon TV, and knew almost every word of any Disney song. He had a deep love for cartoons, and how they are able to teach valuable life lessons through song and animation.

In 2018, as his health declined, Aaron was shocked to learn he had Type 1 Diabetes. Back in England as a child, Aaron was shy. He didn’t know it was social anxiety that kept him reserved as a teen, but he did love singing Karaoke and dancing to Michael Jackson, and would perform sometimes at home. In 2019, once he had finally received his mental health diagnoses, Aaron had the urge to help others. In 2020, the pandemic exacerbated Aaron’s isolation, but he did not give up. He started to go out twice a week with his tools to pick up garbage in and around the local park, giving back how he could. He would wave back to car drivers beeping a thank you. Aiming at sharing his struggles on social media, he ended up an overnight sensation on TikTok as #DancingDad135, gaining almost 7,000 followers in only a few short months, and becoming an ally and champion for those with whom his message resonated. His mantra “Stay strong stay you.” was given throughout his Karaoke duets and live videos for followers.

Aaron’s story came to an end much too soon. Family will continue to honour Aaron’s memory as we nurture Chelsea’s unique and individual spirit.

Rest in peace Bam.

Aaron’s cremation and two-minute silence took place on 17th of November.  An online celebration of Aaron’s life will be held on December 6th to raise Awareness and money for Mental Health Support in the UK and Canada. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in memory of Aaron to Mind, UK or to Manitoba Mood Disorders Association.  


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