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Jules Jubinville

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If you are a member of the Jubinville family, please contact our offices as soon as possible, 204-421-5501 as we have an important matter to discuss.



July 13, 1945 - March 6, 2022

Juby was a simple man. He was taken out of school at 14 ½ years of age. He took pride in financially helping his family when he could. He was already working in a grocery store after school and he then started working during days.


He worked many different kinds of jobs. He set bowling pins at Carnation Bowling Alley, was a bike messenger working downtown and he used a jack hammer on a construction job. He moved cattle at Canada Packers until he broke his wrist when a cow turned back down the shoot and he couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. He also worked at Maple Leaf moving freshly smoked hams around and he loved it when the butchers would cut pieces off and they all had a good fill.


He finally found the perfect job at Tall Crete in 1973 and worked as a laborer, a forklift operator and finally a front end loader operator until he retired in 2011.


He helped family member build garages, fences, sidewalks and cut trees. He helped when cars broke down, gave rides to doctor's appointments and boosted many a car.


He helped our church family with boys and girls club with the prison ministry he even helped build our church one winter when he was laid off. 


Juby helped couch our boy’s baseball, hockey and soccer teams.


He enjoyed playing broomball a very active game and also card and board games. When playing family games, he had one of the louder voices and everyone could hear him laughing.


We had new neighbours move in 3 doors down and one day she called me to come for coffee in 10 minutes. Two minutes later she was at our door and just walked right past me to the kitchen. She stopped at the door and looked at Marc and Juby playing a card game. Next thing she walked right past me and said see you at my house in a bit and left. When I asked her what was she doing earlier she sheepishly confessed that she heard my guys playing their hockey card game and she heard Marc yelling hit me, hit me and don’t hit me over and over again and then yelling out loud. She said it sounded like he was beating Marc up and she said she was going to stop him and hit him really hard so he’d see what it was like. She said when she looked in the room and saw them playing cards and when Marc yelled hit me and Juby put a card down on a pile and sometimes yelled don’t hit me, she realized he was ok. From then on when I told Juby he was too noisy he believed me.


Juby loved his Montreal Canadians -he learned that from Pepere. He loved the Bee Gees and Creedence Clearwater group. And he loved so much more…but he loved people the most even if he didn’t always show it.


We will be having a memorial service for him but we don’t know when because of the covid risk to so many of us oldies…. yes me. You can let one of the family know if you would like to be contacted or keep an eye on this page as we will post when and where later.


People have wanted to know more about his cancer so please don’t read this next part if you think it might bother you.


Juby started with odd pains in his leg in November and saw our family doctor he went into the hospital December 15 and had various tests and finally got a bone biopsy done January 18. January 22, we were told he had lymphoma cancer. January 24 he was sent to the health science center they did more tests and found the lesion doubled in size in 6 weeks and it was a very aggressive fast-moving type and the only treatment was 1 radiation treatment on January 27th that would help reduce the pain it could cause.


He was thankfully sent to Riverview Health Centre and was totally spoiled just like family. He loved getting ice cream, since as a diabetic he always had to control his sugar, but not any more. A lot of family members were able to visit him as the covid restrictions started to open up. From the first diagnosis we were told he could have a couple of weeks to a few months and we were told the same thing or maybe even less you can’t tell with cancer on February 3. Juby had visitor on Sunday and had some pain and got a supplement dose to his meds. The meds he was on seldom needed more. He was tired from the busy week of moving and having his family visiting and he told me he was going to sleep. He had supper, the nurse checked him to make sure he didn’t have any more pain and she said he wanted to sleep again that was after 8pm and at 9:40 staff went to work with him and found he had passed away in his sleep. Juby hated hospital and always said he wished he could just die in his sleep and the lord took him home before the cancer could turn into its ugly destructive painful stage. 

Jules' family kindly requests that all of his friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour his memory by watching the photo-biography above. Please, also consider sharing your own photos, memories, and stories by making use of the comment section on this page.


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