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December 19, 1956 – February 26, 2021

On February 26, 2021 Robert passed away with the loving care of his family by his side at the grace hospital. Robert is predeceased by his mom and dad Olive and Bill and his sister Linda. Robert also leaves behind his loving wife of 35 years and his two children Craig and Shannon. Also, his grandchildren Anthony, Owen and many nieces and nephews that he loved throughout his lifetime.


Family was everything to Robert he did everything for his kids and his grandsons.


He was a very caring, understanding father and did everything for his kids growing up, always coaching his kid’s sports teams, taking his kids camping, he was a very family orientated man. 


Robert had a true passion for hockey he played it in his younger years and passed on his passion for sports to his son and his daughter who played hockey, baseball, and soccer. 


His favorite time of the year was when the world junior’s hockey tournament was on every boxing day. His love for our nations sport was unmatched, Shannon and I(Craig) know this because we got to leave school early with doctors notes only to come home and watch team Canada play. He would also say watching the games that we would learn more about hockey then we would learn at school that day, I am still trying to figure out how to do my taxes. Growing up in a house with Bob was an eventful time when team Canada was on baby. Loud noises, early mornings some years, and lots of yelling at the announcers if they were talking to much about the other team and not Team Canada on a Canadian broadcast. As soon as the schedules were out for any Team Canada hockey event the games were posted on fridge, so we knew. I do not only remember my dad as a great mentor and father but like a lot of other people I remember him as coach Bob.


Coach Bob was hard kind and fair all at the same time exactly what qualities you need to be a good coach. Everybody was treated the same and giving fair opportunity to be part of the teams he coached. He left lasting impressions on everybody he coached throughout mine and my sister’s youth sports. I(Craig) remember a time when I was 12 years old, I came to the plate to bat he yelled hit it over the fence. First time he ever said that to me, the ball was hit to 2 feet in front of home plate I was out at first. I came back to the dugout he gave me a hug laughing said I will not say that anymore, we both laughed then I took a seat. My Dad took Me(Craig) and Shannon to every baseball and hockey event that he could and always supported us either from the stands or from the bench or dugout coaching. I Know this support very well cause I(Craig) was the only person on the ice with a blue helmet, when asked why, he told me it causes your easier to see and I love watching you play. When my sister and I would have an injury, he used to look at us and say SUCK IT UP, then smile called us over, look at it, fix it and make us feel better. I remember after a baseball game we had we were talking about it all the way home only to realize we left my sister at the crescent wood ball diamonds. He said Shit and hit the gas pedal and headed back to the park where she was sitting the bench waiting for us, he ran out of the truck said sorry and gave her a big hug. We laughed for hours and days about that incident.


Me(Craig)and my father shared the same birthday December 19 being born not more than 30 min apart. Growing up I always wanted my birthday in the summer, it was not until I got older when I realized how much of a special bond that was to share that day with my father each year. Every year since birth on our birthday my dad would come upstairs or call me downstairs give me a big hug look at me in eyes and say Craig, you are the best Birthday gift I have ever had. You will be in our hearts forever dad and one day will hug again on our birthday. 


My dad helped me (Shannon) so much with struggles I had throughout my life, I had one year where my life was a complete mess and my dad was there for me for me through It all, on Father’s Day in 2017 I wrote him a letter thanking him for everything he did for me while he was reading it, it brought tears to his eyes. This was the letter:



I know I do not show it enough, but I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have a father like you. This whole year you have done nothing but supported me, helped me, and fought for me and I am forever thankful for that. 


I know this year has not been easy on anyone and I am sorry for the pain I caused you and mom. I love you both for never giving up on me. We stuck together as a family this year, which made it easier for me, knowing I had you standing next to me. I love you dad and I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me.


Xoxo -Shannon


To my amazing husband from your wife:

Bob loved playing pool and billiards in his younger years at Rockwood A.N.A.F 303 his team won back-to-back championships games for the trophy of pride and honor. The English Shield.


He was also a member of the unit for over 40 years. He also enjoyed being around friends and having a good laugh and having a good time talking about baseball, sports, and everything in life.


Bob you are my rock and always think about when my curling was on TV. and I would always laugh at you when you would say, it’s like watching paint dry. In the bedroom I went, ha-ha!


In closing a get together will take place later to celebrate Robert’s life.


Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, pray the lord my soul to take. Amen.






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