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Brian Johnson

Image by Nick Andréka


January 17, 1964 – May 23, 2024

In his youth, Brian was always looking for something new. He joined 3rd Transcona Scouts under the leadership of Ken Young where he learned many skills that served him well during summer and winter camps. The biggest thrill was flying on a Hercules transport at the Maritimes Scouting Jamboree.

Following graduation from Murdoch Mackay Collegiate, he continued his education by taking courses in   computer programming, and television production at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College.

He got his first introduction into entertainment at Westsun, learning about stage set ups and lighting. From there he moved on to Dance Masters where he spent time as a video disc jockey before becoming Operations Manager.

That was the beginning of his career in audio and video productions that included Chum Radio Network: on air producer; Videon Cable Systems: cable tech and productions assistant; Can West Global: weekend news director and production assistant; Dome Productions (TSN and RDS): audio tech and floor manager; Winnipeg and Manitoba Crime Stoppers: TV producer and Director; Winnipeg Football Club: Production Manager and coordinator managing the Jumbotron; Telephoto Technologies: Director of broadcasting operations at the Assiniboine Downs; and True North: Production Manager at the MTS 


Each job change was a step forward in his personal growth, knowledge, and skills.

His interest in computers kept him busy as he continued to learn how different programs worked, and how to solve problems as they occurred.  

All that is now put to rest.

After many years living with an unresolved cardiac condition that slowly contributed to the deterioration of his health, Brian passed away with members of his family by his side.

Brian was predeceased by his mother Jackie on January 5, 2024.

Brian is survived by his father Martin; sister Susan (Jeff); brother Jim (Colleen); daughters, Kayla and Jessie; granddaughter Aalyah; Uncles, Bill (Denise), Mark and Patrick; Aunts, Terry and Virginia.

A service and reception will be held on July 7 in Sprague where Brian found friendly neighbors and peace in a country setting. Rob and Helen Dueck and their grandchildren were a great joy to him.

A private internment will be held at a later date at the Transcona Cemetery.

Brian’s family kindly requests that all of his friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour his memory by sharing photos, memories, and stories, using the comment section on this page.


Cremation & Life Celebrations

530 St. Mary Avenue - Winnipeg

204-421-5501 -

Memories, Stories and Condolences


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Bill Iveniuk, Denise Duncan

July 9, 2024 at 1:45 PM

We saw and spoke to Brian for short amounts of time over the years but for us an enduring, and very happy, memory is when he stayed in our home in Toronto for a couple of weeks. He was 21 years old and had driven here from Winnipeg on his own just for the fun of it. At the time our son, James, was 2 and couldn't sit still or stop asking quesions. Brian was very kind and patient with James and an all around nice guy to have staying in our home. At the end of his Toronto stay we all went to a cabin on Lake Huron. The cabin was pretty basic, to put it politely (!), but there were no complaints from Brian. He was out with James looking for frogs, carrying water and thoroughly enjoying being part of his Toronto family. We were so saddened to hear about his passing. Love to all.

James Iveniuk

July 6, 2024 at 4:58 PM

Brian was a gentle soul and deserved every bit of kindness he ever received. He was taken from us too young, and too soon for him to teach us how to deserve kindness as well.

Robert Iveniuk

July 5, 2024 at 11:23 PM

While Brian and I only met in-person a few times in my life, we mostly kept in touch online. One thing I noticed is that no matter what life threw at him or however hard things were, he never lost his sense of humour. Even in his last years, he remained jovial and kind and gentle. While I wish we had more time together, I'll treasure the moments we did share.


Here's to you, cousin. You'll be missed.

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