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Raymond Joyal

Image by Nick Andréka


It is with shattered hearts we announce the passing of Raymond (Ray) Joyal on June 10, 2024, surrounded by his family. Ray was predeceased by his doting father, Chummy; his gran and papa; Grandma Noonan; and Uncle Marcy.

Ray leaves to mourn his loving mother, Linda; his son, Austin; his aunt Julie and uncle Alex, who never left his side; his cousins Kirstin and Alex, whom he considered his brother and sister; his aunts Cecil and Claire; along with numerous uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and his cat, Vegas.

Ray, Linda, and Chummy were inseparable. They did everything together, forming an unbreakable bond. Growing up, Ray spent all his time at Gran and Papa's on Wiltshire Bay. There was rarely a day that went by where they were not together as a family.

Ray grew up in East Kildonan, where he met his lifelong friends Chris, Will, Travis, Rob, Joe, and the late Jay. He played football for the Eastside Eagles. Alexander and Ray were never apart, with Ray being Alex’s hero. When Kirstin came along, they both took turns teasing her to no end!

Ray graduated from Kildonan East High School. After graduation, he worked at the Niakwa Hotel, where he planned to attend culinary school to become a chef. Ray's life changed in an instant when he had an accident at the lake. He never wanted his disability to define him and never complained about his injury. He was more concerned about his mom and dad than himself. Anyone who had the pleasure and privilege to know Ray understands what an amazing person he was.

Ray was the most devoted dad to Austin. He loved him unconditionally and would do anything for him. He worked tirelessly to do everything to perfection. His paintings were works of art. He loved to cook and have us all over for feast nights. He would plan the menu, and we would all show up.

Losing Chummy devastated Ray. Chummy did everything for Ray and was with him constantly. Linda moved in, and they both took care of each other with love.

When Ray was diagnosed with cancer, he never gave up. He underwent painful surgeries, procedures, and chemotherapy, which made him very ill, but he kept fighting. He was more worried about his family than himself.

Ray was an inspiration to all who knew him. Anyone who had the privilege to be part of his life knows what an incredible person he was. Rest in peace, Ray.

The family would like to thank Jan for all her help over the years. Donations can be made in Ray's memory to the Never Alone Foundation.

Ray’s family kindly requests that all of his friends and relatives take a few minutes to honour his memory by watching the photo-biography above. Please, also consider sharing your own photos, memories, and stories by making use of the comment section on this page.


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Will Younger

June 28, 2024 at 2:07 AM

My Friend Ray

I did not have the pleasure of being Ray's friend, and others that are still now my closest group of friends, until high school at Kildonan East. We started hanging around through different people and soon were in a couple of classes together in which we spent any time joking around, making fun of others and ourselves. We had very similar perspectives on things and could BS about music, movies and life anytime. Many will not forget the time Ray's Gran & Papa went to Scotland and thought it would be fine if a high school boy lived at their apartment by himself.....for a month. Many nights were spent playing NHL 91/94 until the late hours along with various parties and influences that didn't result in the wisest life choices (2am Nacho & Cheese walks to 7-11 Keenlyside). Laser light shows & election sign mow downs. Let's not forget Chris' lawn.

Life suddenly changed when Ray suffered his injury. This was a true test of how strong freindships are and when they were needed most. I would never in my life thought I would walk from HSC to Club Fantasy on Isabel at 12am but that's called rolling with the punches and adapting, which is what we all did. Over the years Ray didn't have an easy time with many things but never let his frustrations or discouragement be shown. When he was diagnosed and received treatment, I had no doubt it was just another bump for Super Ray and it would be in the rearview soon. When ray told me that would not be the case, I, like so many others were crushed.

I always measured strength in muscle or how hard a hit could be taken. You taught me what real strength means and what Heart truly is. You are my example of those definitions and I will stand toe to toe with anyone who challenges that. Even in the worst times you wore a smile. I cannot say I could have done the same.

Once again, your caring for others was put before yourself.

Life is going to be much different now for all the people who had the privilege of crossing your path. I wish for once, in a very long time, you have a good sleep.

Save me a spot in the cheap seats.

Love you always.

Gioacchino (Joe)

June 24, 2024 at 12:37 AM

Ray and I shared a friendship, one shared amongst a pack of us. Chris, Will, Travis, Cameron, Jason, Dave, to be truthful this list could be a story on its own. We were hard on eachother in the way close friends know your trigger and use it to make eachother laugh. Looking from the outside in you'd wonder if any of us were even friends at all but it was only us that could do that to one another cause we were like family. We would pick eachother up almost nightly, jump in a car and drive til empty then hit up 7/11, get gas and a Slurpee or a SBG. Those teenage years were marvelous, grunge was new, electronic music was taking off, metal just found its mature sound and we got a piece of it all. This inspired art and creativity in all of us. Rays art would later be a clear and obvious talent. Even in his teens, he would hide Easter eggs in his art, if you didn't know the character hidden in his art, it was Jeremy perched atop a hill, arms wide open. When he had his accident we all rallyed to show how much we cared for him. In my opinion it brought us all closer faster that if he had not experience it. It made us ( maybe just me) realize how fragile life is and how big his light was. He lived more life and nurtured more friendships that my able body ever has and possiblly ever will. I had a chance to visit him fairly recently and it was just remarkable how his focus was still on those around him and how they were feeling about it all. A human to emulate, an artist to imitate, and his memory will make me happy forever. Say hi to the boys for me Ray. Love you

Jenn scullard

June 23, 2024 at 12:23 AM

I have known ray since grade 7 and all through our adult lives. He was the most amazing man , friend, nd father to Austin... I will cherish all of my memories with u. I still don't believe it's real... I'm waiting for my messenger to ring nd It be u.... Austin loves u so much and is going to miss u even more. Ur movie nights nd BBQ nd just hanging with his dad.. ray u were the best father I could of ever choose to raise our boy... Ur infectious smile nd laugh will live on in all those y touched with kindness nd love. Ur talents will be missed. Ur such a fighter nd will be remembered as one. I love u nd miss u so much. Fly high free bird 🕊️ nd watch over us as we know u will. Rip Raymond 💔😪💙💜

Dorothy Gloux

June 22, 2024 at 11:37 PM

I had the privilege of knowing Ray from his teen years chumming with the Mackenzie family and after his accident.He certainly kept a cheerful demeanour his talent of painting anything you asked was and will be always appreciate. I will always miss you and so loved our connection on Facebook after I moved to NWT ❤️Rest In Peace dear friend

Michelle Adaire (Maluga)

June 22, 2024 at 8:33 PM

I was Cher's bratty little sister. In Jr. High while Cher, Ray and "The boys" were in high school. Ray never made me feel like the little sister. He always made me giggle with the best Yoda voice there was. I had just had surgery and thus a huge scar on my stomach around the time I met Ray. He treated my scar like it was the coolest thing ever. He even asked for one of the staples I kept from the staple removal. He kept that staple in his wallet for who knows how long, as he showed me a few years later that it was still in his wallet. That's what kind of person Ray was. A funny, accepting, kind human who gave to others. Because of him, I never once felt shame about that scar. I wish I had told him how much of a lifelong gift he gave an awkward 12 year old. I wish you peace Ray. I am so sorry to Ray's love ones for your incredible loss. He really was one of the special ones.

Travis Hodnett

June 22, 2024 at 7:06 PM

I will cherish the memories we shared together to watch bomber games, lake time with Linda and Chummy, our 31 card games with the boys so much more man. You have a Halloween photo of you as Clark Kent I always thought you were as strong as superman with all life threw at you man! I will miss you. you where a great friend I will always think of you! RIP Ray love ya man!

Dave (godfather) and Claudette Blais

June 22, 2024 at 6:40 PM

We are at a loss for words. We will miss you Ray and are grateful to have some of your artwork to remember you by. Our deepest condolences to Linda and family.


June 22, 2024 at 3:28 PM

I’ve known Ray for over 30 years, but was fortunate to really get to know him over the past 20+ years, as he was my husband’s best friend.


Like many, I admired Ray as an artist. I also admired his elephant-like memory, and his genuine, easy-to-get-to-know, and positive disposition.


Both artists, we had conversations about art, shared art teachers, favourite artists, and dreamy art spaces. We also spoke about our kids, music, recipes, school memories and just life over the years.


Ray was generous with his art and time. I was always amazed at how fast he could create such incredible art. Seriously, how? Now, I am inspired and comforted to see how many friendships he developed over the years, likely spreading positive vibes and creativity. 💛


I am thankful to have had Ray be a big part of our lives. He was more than just my husband’s best friend, he became a close friend to me as well.


Ray had an incredible memory. He could remember names, timelines, and past experiences with great detail. If I needed to recall anything from school or the past, he was always the go-to guy.


Heartbreakingly, that Go-to-Guy is now gone, but like him and those countless memories he would help recall, undoubtedly Ray will vibrantly live on in the memories of all those who knew and loved him, as he is simply unforgettable.


Photo: Ray gifted me two of his paintings: the large one was of a photo I took, the little one was for a creative project I started. (You will notice the happy clouds and happy little trees)

Claire Harvey and Cec Joyal

June 22, 2024 at 2:36 PM

There are no words to describe the sorrow we feel on your passing Ray. You always said you were going to play the hand that you were dealt...and play you did. You fought with grace, dignity and a great sense of humour. It will be impossible to forget someone who gave us so much to remember. You will be missed Ray. Hope you're up there having a beer with all our loved ones. RIP sweet one. Xxoo


June 22, 2024 at 5:58 AM

I meet ray through a mutual friend who told me what an awesome artist he was I bought one of his paintings that is hanging proudly on my wall , glad are paths crossed ray you are an awesome human being, ,my deepest sympathies to the family

Melissa KW

June 22, 2024 at 5:11 AM

I met him through an artist friend after she sent me a picture of one of his paintings. A painting that now hangs on my wall, next to one of his other amazing works of art. We would chat on messenger, and they were wonderful conversations. He will forever be missed

Rob Screawn

June 22, 2024 at 5:02 AM

I am going to miss you bro






Deborah Bensky

June 22, 2024 at 3:00 AM

Such an incredible loss of this gentle, loving man. The strength of this family has always been unwavering. Something many could take a lesson from.

Rest in peace Ray. Your memory will forever be a gift to all who knew and loved you. 💔

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