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Jennie Loik

Image by Nick Andréka


Jennie Loik, 94 died unexpectedly on April 14, 2024 at Seven Oaks General Hospital.

She was born Ksenka Loik (which she changed to Jennie) on Jan 2nd 1930 in Gallivan, Saskatchewan.

She was the eldest daughter of Andrew Loik and Helen (Stasuik) Loik.

She moved to Winnipeg MB at a young age and began the process of becoming a nun. Despite her conviction and deep faith, she decided to forgo this path and instead took a position at Canada Packers where she remained until she retired.

She was single & independent her entire life, staying close to her mother and living on the same block until her mother’s death when Jennie was in her early sixties. She was a landlord, a seamstress, a hairdresser, a gardener, an amazing cook, a fashionista, a fixer of anything and everything mechanical. She was extremely frugal and lived a simple and economic life sprinkled with small luxuries.

In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by her sisters Mary and Lil and her brothers, Pete, Paul and George.

She is survived by many nieces and nephews who reside across Canada and the United States and further abroad.

A Mass will be held in her honor at 11 am Wednesday, May 15 at St Anthony of Padua Church 250 Burrin Ave.

Interment will be at Green Acres Cemetery located at No1 Highway East At Navin Rd.

Those who wish to remember Jennie in a special way may make a donation in her honor to The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

Memories from family members


Jennie was a woman ahead of her time, self taught there was nothing she couldn't do or wouldn't try, she loved to learn new things & would have been someone who would have enjoyed travelling the world.

She loved to sew, always in fashion, she made sure to dress up & look her best no matter whether it was a trip to the grocery store or a night out on the town...and if she didn't have what she needed to complete her outfit she would pull  out her sewing machine.

Auntie Jennie loved to cook & garden, she could fix & build anything & more often than not had the tools to complete any task.

She adopted the idea of recycling well before the idea ever took shape with those around her & her home was a treasure chest filled with the most surprising gadgets.

Auntie was also smart with her money, having owned & been landlord of several properties at different times in her life & quick to spot a good deal (garage sales included)

Jennie was devoted to her family & to her Mother, choosing to live only a few blocks away from her all of her life. She checked in on her daily, made sure she had everything she needed & cared for her until the end of her life.

Her devotion extended to the Catholic Church; she had been moved to answer the call to be a nun in her early 20's however felt that she could practice her faith outside of the monastery & did so for her entire life. She attended Mass regularly & found inspiration & comfort in her faith.

Auntie was a lover of animals & throughout her life took great joy in taking care of her poodles.

Although never married, Auntie Jennie maintained community even as when she moved around the city. She kept in touch with family, old & new friends, former colleagues & neighbors.

Auntie Jennie was never easily swayed, she was feisty, smart, spiritual, loyal, sensitive, tenacious & fiercely independent.

The many stories we will continue to share about Auntie Jennie will bring us comfort, knowing that she lived her life in her own way & on her own terms.

We can only hope to do the same. 


I remember Auntie's garden…..the strong, earthy, musty smell of her gigantic tomato plants.

Her perogies, always preceded by the scent of onions & butter sizzling on the stove.

She would say (about onions) “I could eat them with my eyes”………seriously…she said that.

Her faith was unwavering and even though she wanted you to join her in that faith....she never pushed or prodded or judged you about it.

Her love of her poodles, the tricks she taught them and the outfits she made for them …..furry boots and all….Whenever we called, she would have Rusty “Ring the dinner bell”

She never embraced technology…if only…..she was a fountain of know-how…..Youtube would never have been the same.……

The dr said she was miraculous – surviving a stroke & a fall that broke her neck….she seemed immortal …living independently until the end.

Auntie, I hope you are with all the beings you loved on this earthly plane …..eating perogies and laughing and catching-up and surrounded by joy and love and peace……. 


Cremation & Life Celebrations

530 St. Mary Avenue - Winnipeg

204-421-5501 -

Memories, Stories and Condolences


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Darlene. Dowhy

May 9, 2024 at 4:02 PM

Please confirm date of mass for Jennie Loik

Is it Monday May 13 or Wednesday May 15 ?

The obituary states Mass will be held in her honor at 11 am Wednesday, May 13 at St Anthony of Padua Church 250 Burrin Ave.

Thank you’

Darlene. Dowhy

Raymond Stasuik

May 9, 2024 at 3:46 PM

Rest in peace. I remember her in my younger year's visiting my parents in garden city.

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