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Drew Pirt

Image by Nick Andréka


Drew passed away suddenly on June 5, 2024.

The Sherriff of Brentlawn has rode off into the sunset to join his beloved Barb.

Drew is survived by his brother Jeff.

Drew worked at Manitoba Hydro (Seven Sisters Hydro damn) as well as Russell Metals.

Drew was an incredible generous and loving person.

Drew and Barb moved into one of the first houses on Brentlawn.  At that time there were very few streets.  Farm land surrounded the area and you would find   Drew driving his Snowmobile.  He was a big part of his neighborhood for over 40 years.

Drew spoke often of all the adventures he had when growing up and those into his youth, including a memorable trip to Europe that he would never forget.

He loved adventure, the outdoors and wildlife, born in Winnipeg as a city boy but definitely belonged in the country.  Drew and Barb spent many summers at Falcon Lake enjoy friends, the peace of the lake and the opportunity to escape from the city.

Drew had a very strong moral compass.  He was loyal as the day was long.  A man who had great respect for others, he was humble, kind and generous.  His work ethic was like no other and he could outwork everyone on the street.

Drew took great pride in everything he did.  His pride and joy was his lawn, his tomatoes, and his GMC long box truck which hauled load after load of dirt for the gardens.

A devoted family man, Drew and Barb were the couple made in heaven.  His love and compassion continued throughout Barb’s illness and there wasn’t a day he missed visiting with her and tending to her needs.

From the early hours of the morning till the sun went down you could here Drew’s music playing from the back of this truck.  Singing at the top of his lungs to Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline.

When not in the yard Drew could be found in the kitchen.  He was an amazing cook who made the best home-made Burgers, Hot dogs, Caesar salads, soups chilli and liver to name a few and he kept the neighborhood fed.

If he wasn’t in his kitchen he could be found elsewhere, supervising the cooking or enjoying some of his favorite foods he didn’t cook, like Pizzas, Mary Brown’s chicken and Chinese food.

If he wasn’t out manicuring his lawn during the summer, you could find him caring for his large garden including prize winning tomatoes, soaking his feet in the pool, helping out friends with their yard projects and riding his bike, driving his scooter or learning how to fly the drone.

At any given time, you could find him playing cribbage with friends, taking in a game on the big screen, placing bets on the next sports pool or enjoying the some of his favorite foods with his “adopted kids.  He could tell you who was home, when they left or would be returning, how many friends your kids had over while you were away, or who left their water tap on all night.  He knew the species of every bird that entered his yard, and had regular visits from his family of rabbits who were spoiled rotten.

Drew had the Best Kept Lawn on Brentlawn for over 20 years.  Was known to others as the Tomato King of Brentlawn, awarded first place in most cribbage tournaments and had the prestigious title of Bet365 Champion 2021.

He loved to laugh and had an unforgettable mischievous smile that  will be remembered forever.

He was an incredible father figure who taught us all how to fix our vehicles, do house repairs, ride our bikes, to forgive, but not forget, to love and be at peace with the world with others.

Be grateful for every second you get to spend with people you love……Life is so precious.

He will be Forever Loved by Neil, Andrea, Sean & Maggie.

Please take a few minutes to honour Drew's memory by sharing photos, memories, and stories, using the comment section on this page.


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James Blondal

July 6, 2024 at 3:37 PM

So very sad to hear of Drew's passing. We were great friends for a lot of years, and shared many wonderful, hilarious adventures, including a memorable trip to Europe back in the 70"s. Condolences to Jeff and everyone who was a part of his life.

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