We highly reccomend City of Winnipeg owned and operated municipal cemeteries. Brookside, St. Vital and Transcona Cemeteries. City of Winnpeg cemeteries do not require the purchaser to use a concrete burial vault or liner and they are the most flexible to work with as it relates to marking the grave with a headstone or flat marker.


A Single Casket Burial Plot (Casket Lot) which will accomodate one standard casket burial and up to three cremated remains interments (ashes). You'll need to add the interment fee (Opening and Closing) for either a casket burial or ash burial, depending on your needs.


Plots are available in different areas within each cemetery, so selecting the property will be something you'll need to do seperately. This tool is meant to help you determin the cost of things only. It is not intended to be used to actually purchase property.

City of Winnipeg Cemetery Plot

Select Lot Type (Price will Adjust)
Select Day of Week for Burial

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