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Embalming is a significant and invasive procedure. It is OPTIONAL and rarely required by law.


We offer this service on a non-profit basis and we tend to lean toward avoiding embalming whenever possible. That said, sometimes it is necessary. Because we offer this service on a non-profit basis, we can usually find ways to avoid the process if the family is interested in doing so.


The art of preserving the body of the deceased has roots to Ancient Egypt as early as 6000 B.C. Embalming can take place due to either religious reasons or sanitation concerns. In today’s world, embalming is a personal preference, and often depends on the visitation or service arrangements made by family. As funeral professionals, we are often asked about the preparation aspect of our business. Here is a summary of how it happens; please CLICK HERE for more detailed information, if you are interested.

Embalming Services

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