Publishing an obituary in the Winnipeg Free Press is a common way for families to notify the community that a death has occurred. We even provide a template to get your started, if you need a little help with that.


We do not charge anything more to receive your obituary, edit it for grammar, punctuation and cost efficiency.


  • Photo - The Free Press currently charges $148.58 to publish a photo in an obituary.
  • Text - The Winnipeg Free Press charges $74.29 per inch for text
  • We do not markup the Free Press' publishing fees. You pay the same as you would on your own, only you receive our assistance, expertise, and are able to add the cost to our account instead of paying in advance. Also, we are usually able to reduce the overall cost over handling it yourself.


After editing, we will forward the copy to the Free Press and charge you only what you would pay if you handled everything yourself. Allowing us to handle it for you will almost certainly reduce your overall cost of publication. We will simply add the publishing charges to your account.


After submission, we will receive a proof from the Winnpeg Free Press showing the obituary exactly as it will be published, along with the cost of the publication. We send it to you for an opportunity to read over, correct any errors or omissions, and/or approve for publication. We do all of this before deadline with zero hold times if you need to call in for any reason.


We are happy to process the obituary for you, usually reducing costs, handle all communications with the Free Press and add the total to your invoice. You pay no more than what you would pay if you were to handle things all on your own.

Winnipeg Free Press Obituary Publication

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