Our personalized obituary pages provide an opportunity to publish an obituary, of any length which is easily found via a google search, shareable on Facebook and other social media platforms. When combined with our complimentary photo-tribute, set to music, our obituary pages create a beautiful, customized memorial to a life lived.


We provide this service free of charge. It is a simple matter to drastically reduce overall costs by either eliminating the Winnipeg Free Press obituary publication completely, or by publishing a shorter, less expensive version in the newspaper while including a reference, pointing the reader to the much longer, online version.

Obituary Publication - Any Length

C$99.00 Regular Price
C$0.01Sale Price

    Ethical Death Care (Death Care Services Inc.) is privately, independently, and locally owned. As a company, we are not associated with, nor do we wish to be confused with, any other Winnipeg based organizations or suppliers; regardless of perceived similarities in business model and/or name.