NOTE: Do not add if you are adding a celebration of life to your burial services. If you plan a public viewing, please select EMBALMING SERVICES and CELEBRATION OF LIFE instead. This service is intended for families who planning a simple, direct burial and are not having a public viewing.


Sometimes the family would like to pay their final respects prior to the cremation or burial taking place.


For cremation, this can be achieved without the purchase of a casket, if desired.  Use of our facilities for visitations taking place during our regular office hours for one hour adds an additional $985.


In most cases, embalming is not required. Our staff will complete a minimal preparation, including topical disinfection, eye and mouth closure etc. Embalming services are provided on a not-for-profit basis and is only encouraged when absolutely necessary.

Private Viewing - Embalming not required or included.


    Ethical Death Care (Death Care Services Inc.) is privately, independently, and locally owned. As a company, we are not associated with, nor do we wish to be confused with, any other Winnipeg based organizations or suppliers; regardless of perceived similarities in business model and/or name.