Our Professional Services Fee for a Traditional Casket Brial & Graveside Service.

  • Includes arranging and planning of services. Cemetery attendance by a licensed Funeral Director as required by provincial law.
  • Transportation of the deceased from a Winnipeg Hospital with a Holding facility. Transport from nursing home, private residence or outside of Winnipeg adds $295 or $395* (plus $1.00/KM outside of the permiter highway)
    • *In order to ensure the safety of our staff, so that we may continue to serve the community of Winnipeg, in the event a decedent is COVID positive, or if the death occurs in an environment where COVID positive patients are present, we will be engaging a third-party transfer service that has introduced additional safety measures and equipment on top of their normal procedures to ensure appropriate protection for themselves and the public. The cost for these additional precautions adds $100 to their standard fee.
  • Licensed Funeral Director planning and directing of services,and registration of the death with governing bodies.
  • Issuance of seven (7) original death certificates.
  • Issuance of one (1) provincial death certificates (when required, for land titles purposes)
  • Completion of CPP Death and Survivor's benefits applications.
  • Basic facility, overhead and operation costs.
  • Vehicles used for interment at cemetery of choice. (Two Total - Casket Vehicle and Lead Vehicle)

Traditional Casket Service Burial or Cremation to Follow - Professional Fee

Where did/will the death occur?

    Ethical Death Care (Death Care Services Inc.) is privately, independently, and locally owned. As a company, we are not associated with, nor do we wish to be confused with, any other Winnipeg based organizations or suppliers; regardless of perceived similarities in business model and/or name.