Our Professional Services Fee for a Traditional Casket Brial & Graveside Service.

  • Includes arranging and planning of services. Cemetery attendance by a licensed Funeral Director as required by provincial law.
  • Transportation of the deceased from a Winnipeg Hospital with a Holding facility. Transport from nursing home, private residence or outside of Winnipeg adds $125 (plus $0.75/KM outside of the permiter highway)
  • Licensed Funeral Director planning and directing of services,and registration of the death with governing bodies.
  • Issuance of seven (7) original death certificates.
  • Issuance of one (1) provincial death certificates (when required, for land titles purposes)
  • Completion of CPP Death and Survivor's benefits applications.
  • Basic facility, overhead and operation costs.
  • Vehicles used for interment at cemetery of choice. (Two Total - Casket Vehicle and Lead Vehicle)

Traditional Casket Service Burial or Cremation to Follow - Professional Fee

Where did/will the death occur?

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