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Made in Winnipeg, Canada - Canadian Oak Veneer



  • traditional look, beveled lid and baseboard trim, split lid, traditional metal handles (may be re-furbished)   


  • oak veneer plywood, spruce plywood (floor), solid oak trim, metal hardware and fasteners, non-toxic glue, removable metal handles ($50 refund available) 


  • finished wood, organic unbleached cotton with pillow, shredded wood fibre and recycled newsprint


  • Osmo brand natural oil and wax, satin sheen, natural/golden colour

Exterior Dimensions (inches)

  • 81L x 27W x 17.75H

Interior Dimensions (inches)

  • 78.5L x 23W x 13H

Approximate weight of casket

  • 130 lbs

Maximum Carrying Capacity

  • 275 lbs

Beveled Oak - Village Casket Maker

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