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Out of Province

Simple Cremation Services

Complete Price $2,195 +gst

Includes everything below:
  • Transfer of the deceased - based on distance 1$/KM

  • Government Registration Fees included

  • Cremation Fee ($575)

  • Basic Cremation Casket included.

  • Professional Fees ($1025)

  • Delivery of Ashes in Canada (no charge)

  • Proof of Death Certificates - as many as needed (included)

  • Canada Pension Death Benefit documentation and completion (included)

  • Estate Management Consultation - we discuss the circumstances surrounding the estate and provide a comprehensive plan for the executor or next-of-kin based on their specific needs. We ensure our clients know what is and is not required of them as it relates to managing the estate (No Charge). This service can be provided in person, over the phone or by electronic communication.

  • 30 Photo - Photo-Tribute and Obituary of any length on our website (included) - See an example by clicking here

  • Cremation urns are sold at cost if family opts for one but we'll provide a temporary urn suitable for shipping, scattering, or travelling at no additional cost.

IMPORTANT - An administration fee of 3% of invoice total is added to all accounts. This fee is waived when payment via cheque or cash is made within seven days of invoice date.


The fee remains effective for all credit card payments. Invoices are issued on the date death certificates are issued to the family, usually during the consultation appointment. We do not require payment prior to providing our services but appreciate prompt payment once services are fully rendered.

We are now servicing the needs of select-area, out of province families who opt for a simple, basic cremation.


Families can make all the arrangements over the phone or through our website. Families can also come to Winnipeg to meet us in person if they prefer.


We offer a very high level of service and a low-profit business model which results in more affordable pricing options for our client families.


We are real people who have real answers to your questions.


Call or email us anytime with questions about our services.


We never up-sell and there is never any obligation.

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